Vancouver Mysteries Re-Releases Pop-Up Mystery Game

Vancouver Mysteries, Canada’s first mystery game company, is bringing the mystery to you with a game that’s lock-down proof, and designed with safety in mind to be played either indoors or outdoors.

The masters of mystery have re-released their most recent game The Case of the Hotel Detective to deliver the perfect escape from pandemic stress to you, while more than meeting Covid-19 safety guidelines.

The “Pop-Up Mystery” can be played in your living room, backyard, office, or hotel suite.  For those looking for a healthy reprieve from binge watching TV, reaching for snacks, this might be the time to book a Vancouver Mystery to bring some fun and adventure back into your life.

Now lockdown and weatherproof, The Case of the Hotel Detective can be played with anywhere from 2 to 10 players.  The game begins with a video call from a private investigator (PI), followed by a knock on your door. Everything you need to play the game is delivered by a costumed Game Operator using social-distancing safety protocols. The PI remains on the video call to help with “Hot Tips” as needed. Having fun is still key at Vancouver Mysteries and now this local hit is considered one of the safest games in town.

All you need to know to get sleuthing…

What: A Pop-Up Mystery Game: The Case of the Hotel Detective

Where: Your place (living room, backyard, office, hotel suite, etc.)

When: Available every half hour, 7 days a week, 9 AM to 9 PM

Cost: $250 base price for up to 5 players, $40 per additional player. Some restrictions and additional charges apply based on the number of Game Operators required and the distance from Vancouver Mysteries Headquarters

Duration: Plan for 2 hours (90 minutes to solve the mystery)

A Fun Company that takes Safety Very Seriously

Vancouver Mysteries has updated all of their outdoor game offerings with their own Covid Safety Plan – reminding folks there’s a way to play that’s safe, fun and allows you to stay in your bubble too.

“We had to re-think how to run games with new protective measures: quarantining game kits between use, incorporating contactless delivery, re-writing scripts and even designing our own face masks to match our costumes.”  – Tanya Bennett, Owner

All games are now private, enabling detectives to compete against friends and family outdoors with physical distancing. So whether you want to earn your detective badge by solving the murder of Jimmy Capello, complete a secret mission to save your city, or use your superpowers to stop the Muck Monster, Vancouver Mysteries has a game for everyone.

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