Vancouver Mysteries Introduces New Virtual Games

To do our part, we must spend the holidays and New Year in our bubbles, but that doesn’t mean the fun stops. Replace your festive family zoom call or New Year party with some friendly virtual competition!

Like their ‘real-life’ games, the Vancouver Mysteries virtual games come with a Game Operator to run the game, acting like “game show hosts”. They are there to introduce the game, moderate (there’s always someone who tries to cheat isn’t there!?), and keep score as players team up and compete for the top score.

These games take place on Zoom, the platform we’ve all become so familiar with, but utilize it in a fun and innovative way, with the added bonus that players can join from anywhere in the world. Games are entirely private, so you play with the people you book with.

Costumes, team names and trash-talking encouraged. Book the game and invite your friends, while Vancouver Mysteries does the rest. Choose from:

Virtual Mystery Game – The Pegasus Project: The closest thing to the Vancouver Mysteries real-life adventure games, but online! You are a cyber agent on the trail of evil scientists. Can you solve the mystery? 2 hours of game time. Book it here.

Virtual Parties: Less challenging than a mystery game, but still lots of fun!

  1. Trivia Night: Trivia you know and love with some twists! Includes multiple rounds of a wide range of categories, there’s a little something for everyone. This is not your average trivia night – there are team challenges as well. 1 hour of game time. Book it here.
  2. Funlympics: Want to feel like an Olympian in your very own home? Teams compete for the top score in fun and hilarious challenges. Extra points for team costumes, don’t be afraid to show your competitive side! 1 hour of game time. Book it here.
  3. Game Show: Individual players compete against each other in this game inspired by 70s TV game shows. Fun questions with rounds of elimination until the last player is victorious! 1 hour of game time. Book it here.


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