Connect Through Art with North Van Arts January/February Programming

North Van Arts have released PHO safe programming for January/February. These events, mostly virtual, are a chance for people of all ages to engage in arts, learn some new skills, and even check in with their wellness.

Until February 5, in line with the public health order updated on January 6, 2021, non-essential travel into and out of BC is not recommended. BC residents, let’s do our part by continuing to stay local and support local, with your immediate household, in accordance with the latest guidelines.


Art Rental Show
January 20- February 22, 2021

View the new 2021 Art Rental Collection online and at CityScape Community ArtSpace. Rent it, buy it, love it!


After School Art: Drama & Voice
Jan 18 – Mar 1, 4:30pm-5:30pm – Ages 6 -8. Registration now open.

Through interactive theatre games and beginning improv exercises, this online class is designed to introduce kids to the basics of storytelling, understanding plot and theme, working with a script, using our “stage voices”, and how to take direction while having lots of fun! Students will work on a project to present their families by the end of the term via an online platform.

Making Comics
Jan 21 – Feb 11, 4:00pm-6pm – Ages 12-15. Registration now open.

Do you love reading comics? Do you dream of drawing one (or several) yourself? This program will ease you into the how-to’s of making comics through a series of hands-on projects, including how to script, layout, and illustrate your own exciting comic pages. While the final project is a completed comic page, other exercises will include hourlies, on-the-spot character design, and example-based analysis on what makes a great comic great.

Acrylic Salon
Jan 26 – Mar 2, 6:30pm-8:30pm. Registration now open.

This course allows attendees to work through a project of their choosing in a structured and supportive environment. In each session, the instructor will give a short demonstration or analysis of previously completed work. Then you can dive into your painting, with the instructor available to assist with colour theory, colour mixing, compositional layering and brushwork.

Drawing for Mental Health
Jan 30 – Feb 27, 12pm-2pm. Registration now open.

Join this class to de-stress and see where your creativity takes you!  Drawing is an excellent activity for stress reduction and mindfulness. Let off some steam and share your ideas to inspire others.

Space for Intention
Jan 18 – Feb 8, 7pm-9pm. Registration now open.

Set your intentions for the new year using various methods of creative expression and guided visualization. We will explore what drives our intentions & what might block us from following through. No art experience is necessary, this class is more about process than product.

Watercolour Portraits
Jan 31 – Feb 28, 10am-12pm. Registration now open.

If you have ever wanted to create realistic watercolour portraits, this class is for you. Clement will walk you step-by-step through the drawing practice, and then you will learn techniques for realistic shading and highlights.

What is Music?
Jan 25 – Mar 8, 2-4pm. Registration now open.

A music history class with a focus on western classical music from the last 100 years, centered around the question “what is music?”. This will be an interactive, discussion-based class for musicians and non-musicians alike (no previous musical training is necessary).


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