Dine Out Vancouver Ends March 7 – Here’s How to Enjoy the Final Days


Yes, all good things must come to an end—including Dine Out, which ends on March 7th. However, there’s still time to finish the festival in style.


Ultimate Indulgence

From Boulevard to Bacchus, Five Sails, Forage, Hydra, Notch 8 and The Victor, some of Vancouver’s best dining is found within the cozy confines of downtown’s finer hotels. What better way to treat yourself truly royally than to book in for both dinner and a night of unabashed luxury? Not only that, each downtown participating hotel night booked during the remainder of Dine Out (up to March 7th) rewards with a $50 VISA prepaid gift card at check in. Now that’s a wrap—and then some!

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Loden Hotel

Brewing Revolution

It’s no longer only about food and wine. In Vancouver and across British Columbia the craft beer craze continues unabated. Local brewers make food friendly ‘real’ ales in a wide range of styles, which have more than earned their place at the table. Want to find out more about BC’s beer scene? Canadian Craft Tours presents a March 6th Virtual Beer Tasting with craft brewery partners from around the region.

In addition to enjoying four beers smartly matched with speciality cheeses, you’ll get tips on the different styles of beer and how to appreciate them, as well as learn about the history of brewing in Vancouver. (Cost includes delivery of your tasting supplies, delivered anywhere in Metro Vancouver.) Also, no matter where you live, from the North Shore to Maple Ridge, the Fraser Valley and beyond, chances are there’s a BC Ale Trail worth exploring nearby.

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Beer!  / Image by Quinn Dombrowski

Dining Doldrums No More

Dine Out has transformed what used to be restaurants’ quietest time of the year. Even with the challenges posed by the pandemic, this year’s festival has been as well-received as ever. Says Cactus Club Director of Service Sébastien Le Goff, “Dine Out… has been a very good thing; it’s helped to drive people into our seats—and like most restaurants in the province, we all need it.” He adds that it’s been good to see most guests supporting local wines—especially by the glass.

Provence Marinaside owner Jean Francis Quaglia agrees. “Dine Out has been good so far” and while “weekends are definitely the busiest”… “weeknights are still a great time to book, as overall they tend to be quieter.” One reason Dine Out’s so popular? “We have always promoted items from our regular menu—our bouillabaisse and warm goat cheese salad are still the top favourites.”

Dine out has helped the restaurant flow a lot,” says Torafuku owner Steve Kuan, especially when you consider that “the restaurant capacity has shrunk at least by half.” However, “with all the precautions and safety plans around Covid-19, we’re able to welcome ‘dining-in’ customers in a much safer environment.” This year seafood options have been quite popular, says Kuan, “especially our Ocean Wise mussels and lingcod.

Dine Out has made a big impact on our business—even more than in previous years,” says Forage general manager Margot Baloro. “Having the festival span a month this year was exactly right… Being able to accommodate the demand over many more services than the usual length of the festival has allowed us to take advantage of it in the safest way possible.

Not only do all salute Dine Out’s success but they also look forward—with all Covid protocols in place—to serving their guests safely and tastefully again soon.


Last Call—and Counting

This year’s Dine Out Vancouver Festival is the longest-running yet, which means there’s still time to try out someplace new—or visit that old favourite in the ‘hood you’ve been meaning to get to but never quite did. The month-long 2021 festival means there are often tables still available, even at this late date. Worth noting, too, many top drawer Dine Out menus are also served at lunchtime. Take a look at offerings from the likes of Maenam, Ancora, Hawksworth and many more—132 to be precise! Nothing quite rewards like a lingering lunch, beautifully served and presented—which just happens to be one of Dine Out’s best-kept secrets.


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