Best Destination Playgrounds Around Vancouver

Como Lake Park Coquitlam

Como Lake Park Coquitlam. Photo: Habitat Systems Incorporated

If you want to plan a day trip your kids will love, head to a playground. The Vancouver area boasts lots of amazing play structures with slides, swings, ziplines, and even pirate ships. Check out our list of destination playgrounds around Vancouver that are worth a visit.

Creekside Park, Vancouver

Located next to Science World, this playground has a giant climbing tower, a huge slide, a music station, and a zipline. There are lots of shade trees, a big lawn, and benches for parents.

Location: 1455 Quebec Street, Vancouver

Creekside Park playground Vancouver

Creekside Park. Photo: City of Vancouver


Charleson Park, Vancouver

The newly reopened Charleson Park Playground has a wooden pirate ship play structure, an in-ground trampoline, a pretend kitchen, and lots more. Parents will like the views of False Creek.

Location: 999 Charleson Street, Vancouver

Charleson Park playground

Charleson Park playground. Photo: City of Vancouver


Slidey Slides at Hastings Park, Vancouver

If your kids love slides, head to Slidey Slides at Hastings Park. Named by local kids, the park lives up to its name with two big slides. It also has play structures, a sandbox, and a bike park.

Location: 3311 East Hastings Street, Vancouver


John Lawson Park, West Vancouver

Located right on the beach, this playground has an incredible view of Stanley Park and the Lions Gate Bridge. The playground has a pirate ship-themed play structure and a splash pad to cool down on hot days.

Location: 17th Street, West Vancouver

John Lawson Park playground in West Vancouver

John Lawson Park. Photo: District of West Vancouver


Garden City Park, Richmond

This huge park has a nature focus, with an arboretum that features dozens of tree species. But for kids, the main attraction is the showstopper playground. It has a huge crow’s next climbing structure, a twisty metal slide, and big saucer-shaped swings. The interactive water feature is lots of fun too.

Location: 6620 Garden City Road, Richmond

Garden City Park playground

Garden City Park. Photo: Habitat Systems Incorporated


Terra Nova Park, Richmond

This huge and popular playground has two zones. The Paddock zone has two ziplines, big swings, a hillside slide, and a meadow maze. The nearby Homestead zone has a huge 10-metre-high tree house with a rope ladder and slide, an aerial rope walkway, and a timber climbing structure.

Location: 2340 River Road, Richmond

Terra Nova Park in Richmond

Terra Nova Park. Photo: Tourism Richmond/Crystal Solberg


Sapperton Park, New Westminster

If your kids love adventure playgrounds, head to New Westminster’s Sapperton Park. It has huge play structures made of logs and ropes. There’s a small spray park here too. Parents will love lounging in the red Muskoka chairs.

Location: 351 East Columbia Street, New Westminster

Sapperton Park playground

Sapperton Park. Photo: City of New Westminster


Queenston Park, Coquitlam

This unique playground is set into a hill. Kids will love climbing the cargo net and rope ladder uphill, then using the slide to go downhill. There are also two play structures, including one for toddlers. The park also has a basketball court and a grassy area.

Location: 3415 Queenston Avenue, Coquitlam

Queenston Park, Coquitlam

Queenston Park. Photo: Habitat Systems Incorporated

Como Lake Park, Coquitlam

While this playground has plenty of opportunities for climbing and swinging, it’s also a great spot for imaginative play. Kids will love the boat dock and fish in the pretend water section. There’s a music station too. The playground is just one aspect of huge Como Lake Park which also has a lake and lots of walking trails.

Location: 700 Gatensbury Street, Coquitlam

Como Lake Park Playground

Como Lake Park Playground. Photo: Habitat Systems Incorporated


Penzer Park, Langley

If your kids need to burn off some energy, head to Langley’s Penzer Park. It has one of Canada’s largest outdoor parkour facilities. A huge collection of wooden structures allow for endless climbing and jumping, best for bigger kids and adults. There’s also a smaller parkour zone with woodchips and faux rocks that’s great for little ones.

Location: 198C Street, Langley

Penzer Park in Langley

Penzer Park. Photo: City of Langley

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