‘As dreams are made’ Brings Back Meaningful Connections with Dream-like Performances

Creating new connections through music is at the forefront of every Music on Main event. Past Modulus Festivals offered the opportunity to discover new musical horizons. Music on Main’s 10th Modulus Festival returns with even more discoveries. This year, it is celebrated with new music and engaging conversations. In particular, events such as the popular “As dreams are made” were created specifically for one audience member and one musician.

As dreams are made” is a meticulously curated event, nothing is rushed and the experience begins the very step you take through the doors of the Annex. The timed performances are booked in advance to secure your experience. Upon arrival, you won’t bump into other concertgoers, or have to worry about finding your seat. You are treated like an MVP – this uniquely individualized experience was created just for you

Crew members communicate with each other with their walkies. When they cue your turn, you will be escorted to the double door entrance of the dark performance room, there you will enter alone following the single spotlight to your seat, positioned three meters away from your musician. In the spirit of keeping the element of musical surprise, your musician will be chosen for you. Other little surprises (that we won’t spoil for you) will also come into play during the performance to enhance your experience.

Inspired by 
1:1 CONCERTS, short, in-person encounters between one listener and one musician, each encounter begins with eye contact and a kind, welcoming mutual gaze before the performance begins. Almost like an unspoken promise between yourself and the musician that you will both be present.

Like a prescription after a doctor’s visit, the musician knows exactly what to prescribe you after getting silently acquainted. The antidote, two pieces of music chosen at that moment by the musician, is performed right in front of you.

And although thoughts like, “I wonder why they chose this piece for me” can easily occupy your mind at that point, it’s best to try and override those thoughts and let the music mediate the dialogue between your thoughts, emotions, and the instrument in front of you. “As dreams are made” provides time and space for meaningful introspection and invites you to re-connect with yourself and others while temporarily hitting the snooze button on the outside world. 


“As dreams are made” is Artistic Director David Pay’s very personal response to the global pandemic. Inspired by the magic of musicians in live performance, this 15-minute production was created specifically for one audience member and one performer to connect safely through music. It’s an immersive event that is at once intimate and comforting, inventive and dreamlike. This special event is returning for a limited run at the 10th Modulus Festival and features musicians from The Tempest Project Company: Chloe Kim (violin), Dailin Hsieh (zheng), Jonathan Lo (cello), Mark Takeshi McGregor (flute), and Saina Khaledi (santour). 

Photo: Jan Gates

Now more than ever, the chance to connect with yourself and others can lead to exciting discoveries. And we can’t think of a better place to experience these engaging moments than experiencing “As dreams are made” and the other wonderful immersive events at Music on Main’s 10th Modulus Festival.

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