106 Delicious Hot Chocolate Flavours to Try at the 2022 Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival

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Get warmed-up in this cold weather at the 2022 Greater Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival. Now in its 12th year, the event runs from January 15 to February 14. Sample 106 different hot chocolate flavours from 44 different cafes. Use the handy virtual map to find a unique hot chocolate near you, or read on to discover a few of our favourites.

Vancouver Hot Chocolate Map

Greater Vancouver Hot Chocolate map. Photo: HotChocolateFest.com


Kafka’s Coffee

Kafka’s Coffee has two different specialty hot chocolates on offer at the festival. The ‘Ruby Tuesday’ uses ruby chocolate blended with pistachios and milk and is served with pistachio shortbread. Their other offering has the punny name ‘Drove my Ducle to the Leche But the Leche Was Chai’. It incorporates both dark and milk chocolate, dulce de leche, and a hint of masala chai.

Where: 151 Hastings Street, Vancouver; 2525 Main Street, Vancouver; and 120-577 Great Northern Way, Vancouver

Specialty hot chocolates at Kafka's Coffee for the 2022 Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival

Photo: Kafka’s Coffee/Instagram

Coho Coffee

Taste two different hot chocolate concoctions at East Vancouver’s Coho Coffee. The ‘Make it a Spicy Date’ is made with dark chocolate and masala chai spice. You can also try the ‘Miso Want a Snow Day’, which uses milk chocolate, miso, and whipped cream. Both come with a sweet treat that compliments the hot chocolate.

Where: 1370 East Georgia Street, Vancouver

Make it a Spicy Date hot chocolate at Coho Coffee in Vancouver

Make it a Spicy Date Hot Chocolate. Photo: Coho Coffee/Instagram


Boba Run

Get your hot chocolate with a bubble tea twist at Boba Run. Their ‘Gone Bananas’ hot chocolate includes dark chocolate, house-made banana puree, and optional boba pearls. It comes with an adorable mini-sponge cake. You can also sample the ‘Tahini-ian Dream’ which is made with black sesame-infused hot chocolate, black sesame crema, and optional boba.

Where: 102 West Hastings Street, Vancouver

Hot chocolate at Boba Run in Vancouver for the 2022 hot chocolate festival

Gone Bananas boba hot chocolate. Photo: Boba Run/Instagram


BjornBar Bakery

BjornBar Bakery‘s Hot Chocolate Festival offerings come with their signature baked goods. The tiramisu-inspired ‘Ciao Bella’ is served with a tiramisu ganache-filled chocolate cookie. And a maple walnut fudge bar accompanies the ‘I’d Tap That’ maple hot chocolate.

Where: 102-3053 Edgemont Boulevard, North Vancouver; or 111-581 Clarke Road, Coquitlam

Maple hot chocolate from Bjornbar Bakery in Vancouver

I’d Tap That maple hot chocolate. Photo: BjornBar Bakery/Instagram


Honolulu Coffee

Get hot chocolate with a tropical flavour at Honolulu Coffee. Their ‘Bananako’i’ hot chocolate includes hints of banana and passionfruit. They recommend pairing it with a banana foster ice cream sammie. They also have a unique Guìhuā tea-infused hot chocolate made with soy milk called the ‘Soy Guìhuā’, which comes with an oat Guìhuā cookie.

Where: 888 Nelson Street, Vancouver; or 2098 West 41st Avenue, Vancouver

Specialty hot chocolates at Honolulu Coffee in Vancouver

Photo: Honolulu Coffee/Instagram


Say Hello Sweets

Chinatown ice cream shop Say Hello Sweets has cooked up four different vegan hot chocolate flavours for the festival in collaboration with Living Lotus Chocolate. The ‘Knotty by Nature’ includes pretzel bites and cookie dough. ‘Open Sesame to Cherry Skies’ has black sesame and cherry coulis. ‘Dark, Stormy, and Bright’ features dark chocolate, Hojicha green tea, and oat milk. And the ‘Springtime in the Winter’ uses sakura green tea, oat milk, and chocolate. Each drink comes with a baked treat.

Where: 620 Quebec Street, Vancouver

Hot Chocolate at Say Hello Sweets in Vancouver

‘Knotty by Nature’ hot chocolate. Photo: Say Hello Sweets/Instagram


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