5 Things to Do at Tynehead Regional Park

A woman looks into the water from a bridge over the Serpentine River in Tynehead Regional Park. The area is surrounded by forest

A bridge over the Serpentine River. Photo: Tynehead Regional Park

Tynehead Regional Park is an oasis of nature in Surrey. The centerpiece is the meandering Serpentine River, home to several species of salmon. Hike the trails, bring a picnic, or cycle in the nearby Serpentine Hills. Use our guide to plan a trip to Tynehead Regional Park.


How to Get to Tynehead Regional Park

From Vancouver, take Highway 1 East. Take exit 50 onto 104 Avenue, then turn right onto 160 Street. Turn left on 96 Avenue, then look for the signed Hatchery parking lot on your left about 1 kilometre later. There are alternative parking lots on 161 Street near 102 Avenue (Serpentine Hollow), on 168 Street at Tynehead Drive (Serpentine Fields), and further along 96 Avenue at 172 Street (Serpentine Hills).


Tips for Visiting

  • Use the park map to find your way around.
  • The park is closed at night. Check the sign at the park entrance for current gate closure hours so you don’t get locked in. The park is open between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. in winter with extended hours the rest of the year.
  • Dogs must be on leash in most of the park. There is a large off-leash area along the Hawthorn Trail.
  • Smoking, vaping, cannabis, drones, alcohol, collecting plants, and fishing are not allowed.
  • There are washrooms at all four parking areas.
  • Be safe in the park. AdventureSmart recommends bringing a backpack with essential safety and first aid gear on every hike. Check the forecast and pack extra clothing for the weather. Leave a trip plan so someone knows where you are going and when you will be back.


Have a Picnic

Tynehead Regional Park has several grassy areas that are great for picnicking. There are also picnic tables along the Serpentine River, near the Hatchery, and near the Serpentine Hills parking area on 96th Avenue.

Picnic tables on a grassy lawn near the Hatchery in Tynehead Regional Park

Picnic area near the Hatchery. Photo: Tynehead Regional Park


Hike the Trails

The western half of the park is home to a network of walking trails. Follow the 1.7 km-long Serpentine Loop Trail along the banks of the river or stroll through farm fields-turned-meadows on the Hawthorn Trail for 1.6 km. Several other short trails allow for lots of loop possibilities.


Walk or Cycle the Tynehead Perimeter Trail

The Tynehead Perimeter Trail is a 4.8 km-long multi-use trail that loops around the eastern half of the park. The paved path is open to walkers, cyclists, and wheelchair users, but it does have some steep hills. Stop at interpretive panels along the way to learn about local history and ecosystems.

A cyclist and walkers on the paved Perimeter Trail in Tynehead Regional Park

Perimeter Trail. Photo: Tynehead Regional Park


Explore the Wheelchair Accessible Trails

Many of the trails in Tynehead Regional Park are accessible for those who use wheelchairs or other mobility aids. The Birch Grove, Hatchery, Salmon Habitat, and Tynehead Perimeter Trails are all accessible with flat surfaces and low grades. Visit the park website for specific info about accessiblity of each trail.


Learn about Salmon

The Serpentine River runs through the park and is critical salmon rearing habitat. The Tynehead Hatchery raises coho, chum, and chinook salmon to release into the river. You can learn more about salmon on the Salmon Habitat Loop Trail. This short trail has great views of the Serpentine River and lots of fun and educational signage.

Salmon swim in the Serpentine River in Tynehead Regional Park

Salmon in the Serpentine River. Photo: Tynehead Regional Park

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