The Best Places to Fly a Kite Around Vancouver

A kite flies against a blue sky with wispy clouds

Photo: Aaron Burden/Unsplash

Spring is a great time to fly a kite in Vancouver. The warming weather creates wind that will get your kite soaring. Here are our picks for the best places to fly a kite in Vancouver.


Kite-Flying Tips

  • Beginners should start with triangle-shaped kites with a single line – they are the easiest to fly.
  • Go on a windy day, but not in very high winds or a thunderstorm.
  • Head to a wide-open space like a beach or field. Avoid powerlines, trees, and other people.
  • To launch, stand with your back to the wind. Hold the line in one hand and the kite up in the air with the other. Let the wind catch the kite.


Garry Point Park, Richmond

Richmond’s Garry Point Park in the Steveston neighbourhood has a huge grassy area. Its location at the mouth of the Fraser River makes it windy enough for kite flying.

Where: 12011 Seventh Avenue, Richmond


Spanish Banks Beach, Vancouver

At low tide, the sand beach at Spanish Banks is a great place to fly a kite. The wind blows in from the Strait of Georgia.

Where: Northwest Marine Drive, Vancouver


Vanier Park, Vancouver

The grassy lawn at Vanier Park between the H.R. MacMillan Planetarium and the ocean is one of the most popular places to fly a kite in Vancouver. The wind blows in off English Bay, creating great flying conditions. It’s also a great place to watch experienced flyers do tricks with their large kites.

Where: 1000, Chestnut Street, Vancouver

Flying kites at Vanier Park in Vancouver

Photo Ruth Hartnup/Flickr. Used under CC BY 2.0


Ambleside Park, West Vancouver

The beach at this large park is a popular place to fly a kite since the wind blows in from Burrard Inlet. But watch for nearby trees!

Where: 1150 Marine Drive, West Vancouver


Centennial Beach, Tsawwassen

Head to sunny Tsawwassen to fly a kite at Centennial Beach. When the tide is out, walk out on the mudflats and catch the wind blowing across Boundary Bay.

Where: 570 Boundary Bay Road, Delta


Barnet Marine Park, Burnaby

The grassy areas along the shoreline in Burnaby’s Barnet Marine Park can be a good place to fly a kite. The wind blows in from Indian Arm and the end of Burrard Inlet. Watch for trees though!

Where: 8181 Barnet Road, Burnaby

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