9 Destination-Worthy Bike Skills Parks Around Vancouver

A cyclist hits a small jump at the Mundy Park Bike Skills Park

Mundy Park Bike Skills Park in Coquitlam. Photo: Tourism Coquitlam

Hit the jumps at one of these nine Vancouver-area bike skills parks. With features ranging from beginner to expert, obstacle areas, pump tracks, and dirt jumps, there’s something for every rider.


Vanier Park Bike Skills Track, Vancouver

Built in 2010 and maintained by volunteers, this bike park is nestled in the trees on the south side of Vanier Park right next to the Burrard Street Bridge. It features dirt jumps of various sizes plus two different pump tracks. The smaller one is great for beginners and kids.

Where: 1000 Chestnut Street, Vancouver



Hastings Park Bike Skills Track, Vancouver

Head to the bike skills area at Hastings Park to practice your skills on wooden platforms and ramps. You can also cruise around sculpted dirt berms and bumps on the pump track. The smaller pump track for beginners and kids. Find the bike park at the north end of Empire Field in the southeast corner of the park.

Where: 2901 Hastings Street East, Vancouver


Moodyville Park Pump Track, North Vancouver

The small, paved pump track at North Vancouver’s Moodyville Park is perfect for kids. Little riders can choose to follow the white or blue lines around the course to vary the difficulty. The nearby playground adds to the fun.

Where: 759 East 3rd Street, North Vancouver


Inter River Bike Park, North Vancouver

This North Vancouver park has a dirt jump course, a paved pump track, and a dirt pump track. The pump tracks are best for beginner and intermediate riders while the BMX jump course is best for experienced riders.

Where: 1299 Premier Street, North Vancouver



Mountain Air Skills Park, Burnaby

Purpose-built to create a place for mountain bikers to hone their skills, the Mountain Air Bike Skills Park is located on the north side of Burnaby Mountain. It includes tons of obstacles including skinnies, elevated bridges, drops, and teeter-totters. It also has both wood and dirt pump tracks as well as dirt jumps.

Where: 8486 Barnet Highway, Burnaby



Taylor Park Bike Skills Park, Burnaby

This south Burnaby park has a small bike skills area aimed at beginners and kids. It features dirt jumps, mounds, teeter-totters, and skinnies to practice on.

Where: 7599 Mission Avenue, Burnaby


Garden City Bike Park, Richmond

This bike park includes an obstacle section with skinnies and a teeter-totter with a dirt jump section. The jumps are arranged by skill level, so there is something for both beginners and experts.

Where: 9071 Granville Avenue, Richmond



Mundy Park Bike Skills Trails, Coquitlam

Coquitlam’s sprawling Mundy Park features plenty of easy mountain biking trails, but if you’re looking to improve your technique, head to the east side of the park. Two short loop trails are designed to assist beginner and intermediate riders with obstacles, drops, and jumps.

Where: 626 Mariner Way, Coquitlam


Penzer Bike Park, Langley

Penzer Action Park in Langley is home to a skateboard park, parkour area, and in-ground trampoline. But bikers will love the BMX-style dirt jump area and paved pump track.

Where: 4748 198c Street, Langley


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