Experience ‘Space Explorers: The Infinite’ Without Leaving Earth

Astronaut Joseph R. Tanner, Photo: NASA/Space Explorers: The Infinite

The countdown is on until the immersive, NASA-inspired Space Explorers: The Infinite extended reality (XR) experience comes to Vancouver to mesmerize audiences at the Rocky Mountaineer Station from November 15 to January 14. This interstellar rollercoaster of an interactive exhibition lets visitors delve into the mysteries of space without leaving Earth.

Photo: Melissa Taylor/Space Explorers: The Infinite

Space Tour

After leaving audiences awe-struck from its previous tour stops in Montreal, Houston, and San Francisco, the Emmy-nominated Space Explorers: The Infinite is preparing for its cosmic debut here in Vancouver. The out-of-this-world experience promises to leave guests over the moon after an emotional ride into the unknown.

It’s a stellar journey inspired by real NASA missions aboard the International Space Station (ISS), offering a chance to embark on a celestial adventure and view our breathtaking blue planet from an astronaut’s point of view.

Image: Space Explorers: The Infinite

Extended Reality

The Infinite sets a new standard for any immersive location-based experience. This cutting-edge journey allows up to 150 visitors to collectively venture into space through a virtual tour of the International Space Station.

Employing a series of never-before-seen 360° videos captured using advanced technology, participants will gain a rare perspective on life aboard the ISS, interact with the real-life crew, and witness some breathtaking views of Earth as seen from outer space.

Image: Space Explorers: The Infinite

Creators and XR industry pioneers PHI Studio and Felix & Paul Studios have united their creative forces for this venture to showcase exclusive footage from the Emmy-nominated interactive series Space Explorers: The ISS Experiences, a ground-breaking media project produced in space. Through their partnership, The Infinite seeks to revolutionize large-scale immersive projects through spatial and interactive exhibitions.

To browse showtimes and purchase tickets, visit Space Explorers: The Infinite‘s website.

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