See These Christmas Light Displays Across Vancouver This December

Festival of Lights, Photo: Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation

While we may be in the thick of the darkest days of Vancouver during the winter months, the holiday season brings along some of the brightest and most festive Christmas lights across the city. Check out four of the prettiest holiday-themed displays throughout December.

Treetops Adventure at Canyon Lights, Photo: Capilano Suspension Bridge Park

Canyon Lights

One of Vancouver’s favourite winter traditions, Canyon Lights, is back at Capilano Suspension Bridge Park from now until January 21. The renowned attraction provides year-round thrills to visitors worldwide but truly excels during seasonal holiday events, featuring stunning light displays, imaginative decor, and photogenic scenes galore.

Canyon Lights transforms Capilano Suspension Bridge Park into a fun, family-friendly, and festive light experience. Cross the famous bridge, lit end-to-end with multi-colour lights above the illuminated Capilano River and canyon. Step into a magical glowing rainforest and walk high above the forest floor on the glittering Treetops Adventure before winding your way along the twinkling cliffside pathway of the Cliffwalk.

To purchase tickets, visit Capilano Suspension Bridge Park’s website.

Festival of Lights, Photo: Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation

Festival of Lights

VanDusen Botanical Garden‘s signature event, Festival of Lights, continues as a cherished local attraction and one of the city’s longest-running holiday celebrations on display now until January 7. The garden shines with over one million lights spread across 15 acres for a visually captivating experience for attendees.

While the “Dancing Lights” feature continues to be a crowd favourite, visitors can also expect more themed light areas to explore. Enjoy the vibrant colours reflecting the biodiversity of Garry Oak Meadows, the feature of this year’s festival. This luminous display is inspired by camas flowers, buttercups, and other wildflowers found in these endangered local ecosystems.

Tickets can be purchased through Showpass’ website.

Lights of Hope, Photo: St. Paul’s Foundation

Lights of Hope

Every year, St. Paul’s Hospital illuminates Downtown Vancouver nightly in support of its annual Lights of Hope fundraising campaign to raise money for thousands of patients, caregivers, and long-term care home residents across British Columbia. See the thousands of lights brighten up the hospital until January 5.

Visitors can enjoy Lights of Hope in all its glory after a six-week construction effort that enlisted over 100 engineers, crews, and volunteers to get it up and running. The display shines bright every night throughout the holiday season, with hundreds of donors recognized for their support with stars on the display. Thousands are expected to enjoy the nightly display.

Now in its 26th year, Lights of Hope is a beloved holiday staple. The holiday lights have been displayed at St. Paul’s Hospital since 1998, raising over $50 million for hundreds of thousands of patients and residents throughout the province.

Lights of Hope aims to raise $3.6 million this year. Donations can be made at St. Paul’s website.

Luna the Whale, Photo: MK Illumination

Liven Up

Liven Up aims to, well, “liven up” Coal Harbour during the darkest month from December 1 to 30. Expect the inaugural event to bring live music and various performances to Vancouver’s iconic Waterfront this winter.

The new and free month-long family-friendly activation will see lighting installations, artists, musicians, cultural storytellers, and nightly fire performances all along the scenic walk from Canada Place to Cardero Park. Liven Up hopes to entertain and create a sense of wonder by bringing people together through shared experiences and connecting cultural groups that have helped shape the city.

Lighting installations, including Vancouver favourites Luna the Whale and Davie the Grizzly Bear, will be placed at key points along the route. Performance areas will be activated every Friday and Saturday evening from 5-10pm and will include a large, cozy tented hub in Harbour Green Park with a specialty bar serving alcoholic and non-alcoholic hot drinks.

To browse all the programming, visit Liven Up’s website.

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