10 Valentine’s Day Treats to Try in Vancouver in 2024

Lovebars from Bjornbar Bakery for Valentine's Day

Photo: Bjornbar Bakery

Celebrate Valentine’s (or Galentine’s) Day with hand-crafted chocolates, pies, cream puffs, cupcakes, and more from Vancouver’s best bakeries, patisseries, and chocolatiers. Tip: Pre-order to avoid disappointment.


Valentine’s Pies from The Pie Hole

The Pie Hole is serving up fun flavours for Valentine’s Day like Black Forest Cream and a chocolate chip cookie pie called Eat Your Feelings. They also have an Apple Sweetie Pie with a customizable message on top!  If you can’t decide, order their box of nine assorted mini pies.

Apple Sweetie Pie from the Pie Hole

Photo: The Pie Hole


Chocolate Ganache Lips from Mink Chocolates

Give your Valentine a kiss this year… a chocolate ganache kiss from Mink Chocolates. They come in five delicious flavours packed into a gift box: jasmine peach, cherry, guava, Hojicha tea, and passion fruit.

A box of chocolate ganache lips from Mink Chocolates

Photo: Mink Chocolates


Love is in the Air Cream Puff Pack from Beta 5 Chocolates

Each Valentine’s Day, Beta 5 Chocolates releases a limited edition set of cream puffs. In 2024, the pack includes a decadent Chrome Heart puff with passionfruit curd, the Love Planet puff is topped with strawberry mousse, and the Be Mine puff is topped with almond shortbread.

Valentine's cream puffs at Beta 5 Chocolates

Photo: Beta 5 Chocolates


Chocolate Handbag from Mon Paris Patisserie

Pastry chef Elena Krasnova of Mon Paris Patisserie has created some unique Valentine’s chocolates this year. Order the chocolate handbag to surprise your sweetie. The entire designer bag is made of chocolate and there are truffles inside!

Chocolate handbag from Mon Paris Patisserie

Photo: Mon Paris Patisserie


LoveBar from Bjornbar Bakery

Bjornbar Bakery makes tons of Valentine’s treats. Pick up one of their decadent LoveBars. They are like a classic Nanaimo Bar but they have strawberry filling and a white chocolate top.

LoveBar from Bjornbar Bakery

Photo: Bjornbar Bakery


Chocolate Bears from Chez Christophe

Order a decadent yet whimsical Valentine’s Day treat from Chez Christophe. They have special edition Valentine’s-themed boxes of chocolates as well as cute creations like chocolate bears.

Valentine's Chocolate Bears from Chez Christophe

Photo: Leila Kwok/Chez Christophe


Heart-Shaped Baguettes at terrabreads

If your Valentine is craving savoury rather than sweet, pick up a heart-shaped French baguette from terrabreads to go with your charcuterie platter. (They also have adorable raspberry heart sugar cookies for your sweet tooth.)

Heart-shaped French baguette from terrabreads

Photo: terrabreads/Instagram


Heart-Shaped Chocolate Boxes from Thomas Haas

The heart-shaped chocolate boxes from Thomas Haas aren’t the chocolate boxes you’re used to: Instead of being made of cardboard, the box itself is made of chocolate! Crack it open to discover handmade truffles inside.

A heart-shaped box of Valentine's chocolates from Thomas Haaas

Photo: Thomas Haas


Valentine’s Cupcakes from Gabi and Jules

Pre-order a box of delicious Valentine’s cupcakes from Gabi and Jules. The box contains salted caramel chocolate, vanilla with white chocolate raspberry frosting, and Earl Grey and honey cupcakes.

Valentine's cupcakes from Gabi and Jules

Photo: Gabi and Jules


Over 160 Types of Hot Chocolate at the Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival

The Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival ends on February 14th, so it is the perfect excuse to order a limited edition mug of hot chocolate from one of the 100+ vendors. Many of them come with sweet treats too!

Chunky Monkey hot chocolate at The Pie Hole for the Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival

Photo: The Pie Hole/Instagram

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