Check Out These Unique Vancouver Bars and Restaurants With a Twist

The interior of the Eatery restaurant in Vancouver

Photo: The Eatery

Vancouver’s diverse population means that our culinary scene has variety you can’t find anywhere else. Here are eight unique only-in-Vancouver dining experiences you won’t want to miss.


Dark Table

The exterior of Dark Table restaurant in Vancouver

Photo: Dark Table/Facebook

If you’re ready for an adventurous dining experience, make a reservation at Dark Table. Make your selections from their upscale menu when you arrive, then let one of their blind or visually impaired servers guide you into the dining room where you will eat in total darkness. Removing your sense of sight allows your senses of taste, smell, touch, and hearing to intensify.


Shameful Tiki Room

Patrons at the bar at the Shameful Tiki Room in Vancouver

Photo: Shameful Tiki Room

Get transported to the tropical past at the Shameful Tiki Room. This faithful recreation of an Atomic Age tiki bar includes period-correct decor and vintage cocktails like the Zombie, Jet Pilot, and Mai Tais. With live music from surf bands or ukuleles, you might just forget you’re in Vancouver.


Pizzeria Ludica

A shelf of board games at Pizzeria Ludica in Vancouver

Photo: Pizzeria Ludica

With locations in Vancouver and New Westminster, Pizzeria Ludica‘s thin-crust pizzas baked in a stone oven have made it onto lots of “best pizza” lists. But there’s more than pizza here. Both locations have shelves stocked with hundreds of board and card games that are free to play while you eat. They colour code their games to help you gauge difficulty and on busy nights they even have a dedicated game steward – basically a board game sommelier!


Top of Vancouver Revolving Restaurant

Looking out at the city through the windows in the Top of Vancouver Revolving Restaurant.

Photo: Top of Vancouver Revolving Restaurant

For the best views of the city, head to the Top of Vancouver Revolving Restaurant. Yes, you read that right: the restaurant revolves. You’ll enjoy immaculate fine dining while the restaurant spins in a slow circle, giving you 360-degree views of downtown and the North Shore Mountains. But don’t worry you won’t get dizzy – it takes 60 minutes for the restaurant to complete each revolution.


The Eatery

The colourful interior of The Eatery Restaurant in Vancouver

Photo: The Eatery

Open since 1983, The Eatery is the birthplace of funky Japanese fusion cuisine in Vancouver. They offer lots of Japanese classics like yakisoba and donburi. But the real standout is their extensive creative fusion sushi menu featuring rolls named Bob Marley, Godzilla, Tex Mex, and lots more. The anime-inspired decor features black lights, bright colours, toys, and sculptures that verge on bizarre. You have to see it for yourself to understand it. The Eatery also has a sister restaurant on Main Street called The General Public which has a similar menu and decor.


Farmer’s Apprentice

A table of food on the patio at Farmer's Apprentice in Vancouver

Photo: Farmer’s Apprentice in Vancouver

With organic farms in the nearby Fraser Valley and sustainably caught seafood just offshore, Vancouver has embraced the farm-to-table dining experience. The menu at 2023 Michelin Guide-rated Farmer’s Apprentice is constantly adapting with the seasons. The food mixes French techniques, Asian and international flavours, and local ingredients for a uniquely West Coast take on farm-to-table food.


Key Party

Mural behind the bar at Key Party, a speakeasy in Vancouver

Photo: Key Party

Finding the entrance to Key Party is part of the fun. That’s because this speakeasy is hidden in plain sight behind a fake accounting firm called Zottenberg & Sons. Step through the door and immerse yourself in the dimly lit 70s-style cocktail bar decked out with a giant mural. Their menu features snacks, desserts, and both classic and creative cocktails.


Afghan Horsemen Restaurant

Floor pillows in the traditional dining room at the Afghan Horsemen Restaurant in Vancouver

Photo: Afghan Horsemen Restaurant

Dating back to 1974, the family-run Afghan Horsemen Restaurant was the first Afghan restaurant in Canada. Enjoy gourmet Afghan food as you lounge on floor pillows in the traditional carpeted dining room. On some evenings, you can enjoy belly dance performances too.

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