Inside the Restaurant of the Year: Hawksworth

Photo courtesy of Hawksworth Restaurant.

Since opening in 2011, Hawksworth Restaurant in the refurbished Hotel Georgia has generated plenty of buzz in Vancouver.  The upscale eatery cleaned up at the 2012 Vancouver Magazine Restaurant Awards, taking home honors for Restaurant of the Year and Chef of the Year, among others.  It seems to be the rare restaurant in Vancouver that everyone – from your mother-in-law to the food critic at the Sun – raves about.

But with all the build up, can it really be that good?

I checked out Hawksworth over the weekend, on a busy Friday night.  The first big surprise: the ambiance.  Continue reading:
Inside the Restaurant of the Year: Hawksworth

Rooftop Patio on Hotel Georgia Opens for the Summer

Photo credit: Rosewood Hotel Georgia

It may not feel like summer quite yet.  But summer patio season in Vancouver is already heating up.

Among the newest contenders for the city’s coveted best patio title is a little-known lounge on the fourth floor of downtown’s restored 1927 Hotel Georgia: Reflections.

Reflections opened for the first time last summer and largely flew under the radar of die-hard patio fans.  That’s a shame because it has to be among the most sexiest spots to grab a drink anywhere in Vancouver, indoors or out.  But the good news is it just reopened for another season of al fresco cocktails and great people-watching.

But it’s not easy to find (and I think that’s half the fun).  Wander into the venerable lobby of the Hotel Georgia – all hardwood wainscoting and crystal chandeliers – and you won’t see a sign for Reflections anywhere.   Discretely ask the concierge, and he’ll point you to an elevator secreted away in the back of the hotel.

Take that to the fourth floor and prepare for a bit of a surprise.  Continue reading:
Rooftop Patio on Hotel Georgia Opens for the Summer