New subway line planned along Broadway

Photo credit: RayVanEng | Flickr

If you’ve ever been late for work or school and passed over by a crowded 99 B-Line bus on Broadway, your day of reckoning may be at hand.

The city of Vancouver has just unveiled a plan for a new, $2.8 billion subway line running along Broadway, all the way from the VCC-Clark Station to UBC, according to an article in the Vancouver Sun.

The plan aims to relieve pressure along one of the city’s busiest transportation corridors, which sees some 160,000 transit trips every day.  The area is only expected to get busier in the years ahead, as commercial and residential development along Broadway increases.

So what’s this new subway line going to look like?  And when can we expect to get onboard?   Continue reading:
New subway line planned along Broadway