Street Art: Terracotta Soldiers Coming to Vancouver

Chinese warriors are invading Vancouver.

An army of 33, life-sized terracotta warriors – modeled after the world-famous originals discovered in China in 1974 – will be occupying metro Vancouver in the months ahead.

The sculptures will be positioned on strategic street corners and parks in Vancouver, Richmond and Burnaby.  Check out the map below (You might remember similar campaigns recently involving fibreglass eagles, bears and killer whales on city streets).

Each statue has been painted with an original – and often eye-popping – design by a different artist.  Warriors have been dressed up in brilliant reds and blues, emblazoned with images of endangered wildlife and decorated like enormous Chinese vases.  Each design tells a different story about Chinese history and life.

This fall, the whole army will be auctioned off, with proceeds going to the BC Lions Society Easter Seal Houses and Easter Seal Camps for children with disabilities.  But what’s the story behind the original terracotta warriors?  Continue reading:
Street Art: Terracotta Soldiers Coming to Vancouver