Vancouver Date Idea: Outdoor, Acrobatic, and Free Yoga with Your Sweetie

Photo Credit: Katie Huisman

YYoga, Photo Credit: Katie Huisman

During my year of intense dating, I went on a few outings with a guy who was really into yoga (he taught it as well). He was also outdoorsy, smart, and basically the classic Vancouver ‘ideal’ man. I’d been practising yoga on a very casual basis for the last fifteen years or so, and was at a point in my life where I particularly needed its calming effects. The ups-and-downs of the dating process can be tumultuous, to say the least, so some meditation and child’s pose really helped.

In any case, one day he called me and suggested we do a yoga class together. Personally, I’d never thought of it as a date idea but, in fact, it’s a great activity, even if it’s wordless. I would recommend going for coffee or a bite to eat afterwards as well to discuss your class. Yoga heightens awareness of the body, so there’s something highly sensory – even sensual – about doing yoga next to someone you’re attracted to. Plus, many yoga studios incorporate partner work into their classes, which will involve some form of physical contact between you and your date. Yoga also helps with tranquility that can sometimes be elusive on a date. I have a friend who consistently goes to yoga classes with her husband when she visits a new place as a way of grounding from the bustle of travel and sightseeing.

Vancouver certainly has no shortage of stellar yoga studios that offer a wide variety of environments and yoga and teaching styles. And with the rainy season on its way out and the weather warming up (yay!), outdoor yoga is also a great option for getting your namaste on together. Here are five Vancouver yoga options that are worth checking out:

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Vancouver Date Idea: Outdoor, Acrobatic, and Free Yoga with Your Sweetie