Vancouverite Spotlight: Taylor Burk, Adventure Photographer

From New Zealand and Australia to the Dominican Republic and Vietnam, freelance adventure photographer, Taylor Burk has travelled all over the world. In 2013, Burk began documenting his travels on Instagram where he quickly gained a following. With over 370,000 followers and a stunning portfolio to boot, Burk is one of Canada’s top travel Instagrammers. When he’s not traversing the globe, Burk keeps busy exploring his new hometown. Read on for details about Burk’s dream-worthy career and his Vancouver must-do’s.

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Vancouverite Spotlight: Taylor Burk, Adventure Photographer

10 Wellness-Related Resolutions for Vancouverites in 2017

Photo: Modern Mama

Welcome 2017! I don’t know about you, but I am really looking forward to this fresh, new year. Nothing feels better than a clean slate, so let’s take advantage of it! Vancouver is an incredible city to pursue health and wellness, and there’s no one in this world that couldn’t benefit from a little self-care. From the ocean air Continue reading:
10 Wellness-Related Resolutions for Vancouverites in 2017

A Newcomer’s Observations Vol 5: Local Pride

Photo: Vancouver Sun

Photo: Vancouver Sun

Hello Vancouver! I’m Britanny. As you may or may not know, I’m new to this city! Here’s a bit of my perspective on the city I’ve come to know and love:

You know when you arrive in a new city and you feel like a total alien? You’re constantly lost, a new public transit system could not be more daunting, you don’t know the “places” yet (your closest coffee shop, grocery store, gym, wine store, you know, the basics), and everything just feels a bit strange. This is my third metropolitan city since 2014 and I was fully prepared to embrace full alien mode. Here’s the thing, I woke up every morning, walked new streets, sipped new coffee in new coffee shops, wandered the aisles of a new grocery store, and went about my day-to-day life feeling entirely at ease and all with an unexpected feeling of belonging. Because it was a wonderful feeling I was experiencing, I really didn’t put much thought into it, until I came to a second realization: Vancouverites are more prideful of their city than I’ve ever experienced elsewhere, and as a result (I believe) they are astonishingly welcoming and excited to share their home’s wonder. Continue reading:
A Newcomer’s Observations Vol 5: Local Pride

Vancouver New-B: A Newcomer’s Observations Vol 01

Hello Vancouver! My name is Britanny, and I’m a Vancouver newbie. I’m from Canmore, Alberta, I went to university in Calgary, after that I moved to Montreal, and now I’ve landed here in Vancouver. Though I’m a fresh Vancouverite, I’ve already come to adore this city and I’m proud that I now get to call it home.

As you can imagine, my senses have been overwhelmed by the stunning scenery, soothing smell and sound of the ocean, and the general hustle and bustle of people who are far more aware of their whereabouts than I am. From the moment I arrived here I’ve been noticing cool, quirky, interesting, strange, and great traits that are unique to this city and all play together to make it truly wonderful. Follow me and my column, New-B, as I get to know Vancouver and, inevitably, fall in love with it.

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Vancouver New-B: A Newcomer’s Observations Vol 01

New Video Celebrates 20 Years of the Be a Host Program


Launched in 1996, Tourism Vancouver’s Be a Host program has seen over 1,000 local hosts bring their meetings, conferences, congresses and symposiums to Vancouver in the past 20 years. We’re proud to have supported some of Canada’s most influential researchers, industry leaders and innovative thinkers in bringing their colleagues to meet in our city, shining the spotlight on locally-led research and academic advancements, often with major announcements and launches made at their Vancouver meeting.

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New Video Celebrates 20 Years of the Be a Host Program

Rick Antonson, Former CEO of Tourism Vancouver Launches New Book

Rick Antonson

Rick and Mark Andrew, former Chair of the Tourism Vancouver board.

Full Moon Over Noah’s Ark
An Odyssey to Mount Ararat and Beyond

Author and former Tourism Vancouver CEO Rick Antonson joined a five-member expedition to the mountain’s nearly 17,000-foot summit, trekking alongside a contingent of Armenians, for whom Mount Ararat is the stolen symbol of their country. Antonson mixes vivid historical anecdote with unexpected travel vignettes, whether tracing earlier mountaineering at-tempts on the peak, recounting the genocide of Armenians and its unresolved de-bate, or depicting the Kurds’ nationalist ambitions for their own borders, which some say should include Mount Ararat.

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Featured Vancouverite: Colin Mansell

Colin Mansell

Hometown: I was born in Holland to Dutch parents and still consider Amsterdam my hometown. We moved around a lot growing up, including Norway and Borneo, before settling in London, UK, where I went to school and spent the formative years of my career.

How long have been a Vancouverite?
Six years. I originally moved here to get out of the rat race of London, taking six months off to travel across Canada and sail up the coast from Vancouver to Alaska and back in a small sailboat. I gained a deep appreciation of the amazing BC coast, and as a result, I decided to stay. I’ve never looked back.

In 2012, I co-founded a digital agency called Drive Digital with Chris Breikks and John Blown at 6S Marketing. Drive has grown to a team of 28 designers and developers. Together with the team of 35 people at 6S, we are collectively now one of the largest agencies in the province.

As Drive matured and brought on a solid management team, I decided to branch out and address the growing talent gap in the Vancouver tech sector by starting a new company called RED Academy. At RED, we teach both full and part-time programs in UX design, web development and digital marketing. We work closely with a partner network of 60 companies in British Columbia to produce tech talent with the right skills and knowledge, so that they can hit the ground running and play a meaningful part in the continued growth in this booming sector in the city.

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Featured Vancouverite: Colin Mansell

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