Futuristic 30-Storey Glass Arch Proposed for False Creek

Ever since Expo 86,  Vancouver’s False Creek has been a place for architectural experimentation.  Back then, the city put up the mirrored geodesic orb which became Science World, gleaming new residential towers and the glass-paneled Plaza of Nations building.

Now, a developer wants to take things one step further.  Vancouver city council has received a proposal for a monumental, 30-story mirrored glass arch on the site of the current Plaza of Nations, according to a Vancouver Sun article.

The building, which consists of two towers connected by a horizontal segment on top, would contain up to to 2,000 residential units.  Once completed, it would form an enormous frame, with BC Place centred in the background.

The arch is the centrepiece of a new complex of ultramodern, mirrored buildings being considered for the site.  The proposal, which is still in a very preliminary phase, also includes 350,000 square feet of commercial and office space, plus a new community centre, a sports science centre and an ice rink for the Canucks to train on.

The glass arch and surrounding buildings would make a dramatic addition to the waterfront.  But is all the shiny glass and sharp angles right for the city?

Do you like the glass arch proposal for False Creek?  Weigh in below. 

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Futuristic 30-Storey Glass Arch Proposed for False Creek