Signs of Summer at Queen Elizabeth Park

Running through the fountains atop Queen Elizabeth Park. Photo: Dana Lynch

Summer is coming! If the approaching long May weekend isn’t enough to convince you, then how about these pictures from Queen Elizabeth Park—You know summer is coming when the weather is warm enough for kids to run through Queen E’s dancing fountains!*

My family and I headed to Queen Elizabeth Park for part of Mother’s Day yesterday, and the scene there was just idyllic! Barefoot babies in the fountain, flowers in bloom throughout the free quarry gardens, clear skies making it easy to see all of downtown Vancouver from atop the park (the highest point in the city)—It was one of those days that made me feel lucky to live in Vancouver, one of the most gorgeous cities on earth!

Check out the photos for a peak at early summer at Queen Elizabeth Park:

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Signs of Summer at Queen Elizabeth Park

April in Bloom – Top 5 Vancouver Spring Gardens

Stanley Park Rose Garden. Photo: Dana Lynch

You can be forgiven for thinking that spring hasn’t really arrived yet; our frequent gray-and-rainy weather can sometimes make late-March and April seem like just an extension of winter. But there are places in Vancouver where the seasonal change is beautifully apparent: Vancouver’s public gardens.

Vancouver’s public gardens—many of which are free—are gorgeous year-round, but spring is a special time for many of our top gardens.  April is traditionally the peak bloom time for seasonal tulips and bulbs—Minter Gardens has 10,000!—as well as magnolias, camellias, Japanese cherries, and early rhododendrons.

Top 5 Vancouver Spring Gardens

1. Stanley Park Rose Garden – Free
Late March – April is one of Stanley Park’s peak bloom times, and that extends to the famous Rose Garden. The Rose Garden’s combination of early bloomers and spring bulbs makes it well worth a spring trip. Plus, you can explore Stanley Park’s other gardens while you’re there!

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April in Bloom – Top 5 Vancouver Spring Gardens

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