Searching for Spring in Vancouver


Spring blossoms at Queen Elizabeth Park Photo: Rob Weiss

They say patience is a virtue.  It may be a virtue, but it is definitely not one of my strong suits.  Like many Vancouverites, I am running out of patience waiting for winter to end.  In anticipation of the clocks “springing forward” this month and the arrival of Daylight Savings Time, it seemed prudent to venture out to Queen Elizabeth Park and search for spring.  Much has been written in the news these past days of an early spring.  Naturally, I thought I would investigate for myself and Vancouver’s iconic Queen Elizabeth Park seemed a logical place to start.


Quarry Trail at Queen Elizabeth Park Photo: Rob Weiss

To my delight, I discovered that there is truth to what the pundits are saying.  Spring is certainly in the air, in fact on my way to the park I encountered “white out” conditions along numerous city streets as cherry blossoms, the ultimate symbol of spring, greeted me.  Upon arrival at Queen Elizabeth Park, I quickly noticed that I was not the only one searching for that early blast of colour.  Families, seniors, couples, tourists and residents alike were wandering the upper level and lower level Quarry Garden trails marvelling at the promise of colour to come.


Daffodils at Queen Elizabeth Park Photo: Rob Weiss

Without a doubt, it is early in the season and the park is not quite ready for “company”, as my mother would say.  Traditionally, April is the peak season for the spring flower show. However, should you want to chase away the winter blahs I would encourage a visit now.  Remember, you can always return, as visits to the park are free!  Bright yellow daffodils add a vibrant splash of colour to a grey day and tulips tease with hints of colour to come.  Buds on the magnolia trees appear almost ready to open and crocuses are peeking up from the dirt. The winding paths and little bridge crossings are absolutely charming and the sound of the cascading waterfall soothes the soul.  Zen gardens come to mind.


Water Features at Queen Elizabeth Park Photo: Rob Weiss

I guarantee the promise of spring is there and I would encourage everyone to embrace their own “spring watch” and enjoy a stroll in Queen Elizabeth Park.  After all, you never know who you might meet…..


Barred Owl – Queen Elizabeth Park Photo: Rob Weiss

Getting There:

Queen Elizabeth Park, home of the Bloedel Conservatory is located at the corner of Cambie Street and West 33rd Ave.  It is accessible by bike and transit.  Limited free parking.  Pay parking lots are located near the Bloedel Conservatory.

Park Amenities:

Interested in more than a stroll? There is much to see and do in the park, including Pitch and Putt, Tennis, Lawn Bowling, Roller Hockey, Basketball and Disc Golf.

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