Foodies will be Flocking to North Van this Summer for Launch of Hawkers Wharf

Hawkers Market Vancouver

Image courtesy of Hawkers Market

An exciting, new foodie paradise seemingly inspired by Lego blocks will be launching in North Vancouver this summer. Hawkers Wharf, a harbour-front, open-air food market is a brand new concept in Vancouver, combining shared kitchen space, demonstration gardens, and alfresco dining.

The market will take over the space at 925 Harbourside Drive near the North Shore Automall and will host 20 to 40 retail and wholesale food businesses that will occupy shipping container boxes. (Hence, the Lego inspiration!)

This new development will be reminiscent of some of the world’s greatest open air markets with a laid-back, West Coast vibe. And there will be food, lots and lots of food!

hawkers wharf vancouver

Image courtesy of Hawkers Wharf

If you’re still stuck wondering where the term “hawker” comes from, it is defined as the new wave of food entrepreneurs who have devoted their lives to making the amazing food that we crave. It’s the people who are trying new things in the kitchen, keeping things exciting, and making our taste buds extremely happy. The market will be offering a space for these passionate foodies to launch their businesses.

The hawkers will be able to set up shop to sell their goods to consumers, but unique to this marketplace – there will be “hawker boxes”, shipping containers converted into self-contained kitchens.

These offer passionate cooks a space to work on their food-based ideas without having to invest in buying a full kitchen or restaurant. Ideas will be tested, concepts created, and final dishes realized. Who knows what kind of exciting food will be developed, perhaps the next Frissant?

hawkers wharf vancouver 2016

Image courtesy of Hawkers Wharf

Along with dining and grocery shopping, the marketplace will also host live music, outdoor movies, art shows, and other events throughout the year. The market is expected to open late July or early August and plans to be a year-round space.

More information about the Hawkers Wharf space will be revealed as we get closer to their launch date. In the meantime, if you’re interested in participating in the test kitchens – you can apply to be a Hawker yourself.

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