Scream Therapy: Haunted Houses in Vancouver for Halloween 2016

Fright Nights Vancouver 2016

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The days are getting dark and stormy, there’s some sort of strange teenage craze of dressing like evil clowns… Halloween must be creeping closer! One thing is for certain, Halloween just doesn’t feel like Halloween if you don’t find yourself cowering in the corner of a haunted house at least once this season.

Halloween in Vancouver is definitely done well by folks in and around the city. I mean, we’ve got an entire theme park devoted to scaring you silly. Whether your weakness is evil clowns, zombies, or just an irrational fear of children who stare at you from dark corners of creepy rooms and laugh to themselves… there’s something to scare the pants off everyone this Halloween in Vancouver. Check out some of the haunted houses in Vancouver for 2016 to see which ones you can handle this year:

fright nights vancouver 2016

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Fright Nights

Playland undergoes a completely creepy transformation when it changes to Fright Nights during the month of October. The park boasts 7 haunted houses all catered to specific fears (e.g. dark spaces, horror films, evil clowns, etc…) as well as 15 rides, performers, and “professional scarers” who walk around the park and sometimes don’t leave you alone even when you asked them nicely to put their chainsaws away.

Location: Playland (2901 East Hastings Street)
Open until Monday, October 31 on weekends and select days.
$29 – $36 online and $32 – $39 at the gate (price varies by popularity of date)

haunted houses vancouver 2014

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The Valley Haunt

Graduating from small neighbourhood haunted house to full-on production, this haunted house has been slowly growing popularity for 15 years. Located in North Vancouver, The Valley Haunt takes you on a frightening journey through shipping containers, making for an extremely claustrophobic through minutes. Best of all, this haunted house is free but donations are accepted and go towards the BC Professional Firefighters’ Burn Fund.

Location: 1311 Appin Rd. , North Vancouver, BC,
From October 15 – October 31 from 7 to 10pm (Monday-Friday), and 4 – 10pm (Saturday)
 Free, but you’re encouraged to give a donation

haunted houses in vancouver 2016

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Potter’s House of Horrors

Sadly, this haunted house is not based on the delightful movie, Harry Potter. Instead, this Surrey-based fear factory is notorious for offering some of the scariest and thrilling scares in Vancouver. Potter’s House of Horrors is worth the drive to Surrey because it boasts some of the scariest haunted houses in the Lower Mainland. This year, there are two themes: Monstrosity and The Swampin’ Slaughterhouse. Choose one or choose them both… (Or choose to add your name to the “Chickened Out” list – no shame!)

Location: 12530 72nd avenue, Surrey BC
Open until October 31 with family hour from 4-6:30pm and regular ultra scary show from 7-10pm
$14 – 16 for one house, $25 – $30 for two (price varies by popularity of date)

haunted houses in vancouver 2016

Image sourced from Reaper’s Haunted Attraction

Reaper’s Haunted Attraction and Maze of Terror

With a name like “Reaper’s” and “Maze of Terror” how could you go wrong with this amazing attraction that bills itself as the the scariest indoor theatrical horror experience in Western Canada. Reaper’s is 100% worth the drive out to Chilliwack, even for the panic-inducing maze that is pitch black and comes with a roving chainsaw maniac wielding an actual chainsaw… Standing in line is scary enough when the backdrop is a constant barrage of terrified screams!

Location: 9423 Gibson Road, Chilliwack
Open until October 31 from 7pm – 10pm
 Reapers $11, Maze $12, combo $20

If you’re wondering why the Chinatown Haunted House in the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen garden is not listed, it is on hiatus for 2016. Hopefully it will be back for next year!

What’s your favourite haunted house in Vancouver? Let us know in the comment section below!

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