It’s a Kitty Cat Picnic at First Caturday in Queen Elizabeth Park

first caturday vancouver 2017

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It’s no secret that Vancouver loves cats (I mean, we have our own Cat Cafe!), so it should come as no surprise that we also have an outdoor cat meetup the first Saturday of each month in Queen Elizabeth Park.

Known as First Caturday, the event was created as “a day to reclaim the glory of the outdoors for our feline friends. It’s a day for delightful outdoor cat-napping and socializing.” It’s the purr-fect event for cat lovers and those with cats that want to spend a little time lounging around outside with friends.

If you’re hoping to participate (or just be a spectator), the next official Caturday event in Vancouver is scheduled for Saturday, September 2, 2017.

Cats of all types are invited to attend the event, as long as they are on leash or harness (or in a contained carrier). The opportunity gives cats a chance to bond with other felines, spend time in some fresh air and experience a fun change of scenery.

If you don’t have a cat, or if your cat isn’t really a social butterfly, you’re also welcome to attend the event to spend some quality time with other cat lovers and their awesome cats.

first caturday vancouver 2017

Image courtesy of First Caturday |

First Caturday takes place across many cities in North America, including New York, Montreal, Colorado, Oregon, and Seattle.

Attendees for the event vary and you might even be lucky enough to see a few Vancouver cat celebrities (maybe local legends and adventure kitties Bolt & Keel will make an appearance?!)

Quick Details

Date: Saturday, September 2, 2017
Time: 1:00pm – 4:00pm
Location: Cambie Street & 33rd

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4 Responses to It’s a Kitty Cat Picnic at First Caturday in Queen Elizabeth Park

  1. Jane

    Please reconsider this event. the last time this event was held a cat escaped local pet rescue volunteers had to step up and assist

    This is reported to be the hottest day of the summer a cat not only will suffer the stress of heat but the stress of being with so many unfamiliar animals

    The prolonged dry spell has emboldened the coyotes that live in QEP desperately seeking water and dwindling food sources

    To hold this event on a long weekend with increased tourist traffic visiting QEP on top of extreme heat warnings is irresponsible pet ownership

    Please reconsider for the safety of your cats this event is for the humans ~ if your animal could talk ~ they’ll tell you ~ let me stay home ~ cool safe and calm

  2. Viviane

    Please be aware that socializing can be harmful for cats. Feline leukemia is transmitted through saliva, and this is a very dangerous cat disease. I’m not sure if this is much of a problem here, but where I come from it is a big issue and therefore cat socialization is discouraged. Cats can seem fine even though they are infected with the virus.

  3. Allison

    Health concerns need to met. I love the idea but wondering about how many at a time, keeping in mind most cat’s are independent and territorial. I believe it’s healthy for animals to experience their natural habitat.

  4. Alisa

    Aside from the heat and social stress concerns, I’m very concerned about the lack of a requirement for all cats to have full vaccinations. As Viviane said, feline leukemia is very serious and other contagious diseases and parasites are all potentially present, even if a cat is not showing symptoms.

    If you think this event is the best idea for your cat otherwise and keeping in mind all other considerations, organizers should demand all participants be fully vaccinated and free of parasites, even if this cannot be enforced.