The 2017 Vancouver Zombiewalk Brings Your Nightmares to Life this Weekend

Vancouver Zombiewalk 2017

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Feeling hungry for some braiiiiiins this weekend? You’ll be in good company when the 2017 Vancouver Zombiewalk shuffles its way through the city on Saturday, August 26.

This “parade” of the living dead is one of the largest flashmobs in Vancouver and has been happening since 2005. Each year, the mob grows larger and participants of all ages join with creative costumes and lots of fake blood.

The 2017 Vancouver Zombiewalk will be assembling at 12:30 pm at the Vancouver Art Gallery (South Side), with the walk officially beginning at 4:00pm.

Vancouver Zombie Walk 2017

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Legend has it, the Vancouver Zombiewalk first began in 2005 as the “Braintrain event”, which had zombies travelling around the city by Skytrain.

The event has since evolved into an elaborate event that’s like having Halloween in the summer! For hours after the official walk, you may be surprised by zombies appearing all over the city in bars, pubs, restaurants, and coffee shops.

Every year, the number of participants and photo-hungry spectators grows larger with more participants of all ages, more creative costumes, and higher levels of gore! If you’re not a fan of blood, you may want to avoid central Downtown Vancouver on Saturday afternoon.

After kicking off at 4pm, the Zombiewalk will (slowly) shuffle its way along Robson street, over to Denman, before ending up at the Laughing Statues in English Bay. Apparently zombies like to party, so there will also be a Zombie Prom afterparty at the Hindenburg on West Cordova Street.

Vancouver Zombiewalk 2017

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If you are interested in taking part in the Zombiewalk, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Do not vandalize anything (police will be ticketing anyone who causes any trouble)
  • Ham it up for the cameras (Make sure and put on your best Zombie face for any and all cameras around, but also remember to be respectful of people’s equipment!
  • Respect & obey the police
  • Respect the little ones as well (Though we big kids all see the fun in it, small children may not, and if you see any children reacting fearfully, please do not add to their distress! Just move on and let their parents explain.)
  • Help clean (Organize a cleanup crew and follow afterwards to help clean up blood spills. The Zombiewalk is a community based free daytime event that is made possible by the efforts of thousands of people. Feel free to help out behind the scenes by simply organizing cleanup crews!)

If you want someone else to make you look as disgusting as possible, there will be SFX artists from Blanche Macdonald at the Art Gallery from 12:30pm – 3:30pm operating on a first come, first serve basis.

2017 Vancouver Zombiewalk Quick Details

  • Date: Saturday, August 26, 2017
  • Time: Event starts at 12:30pm, walk starts at 4pm
  • Location: Vancouver Art Gallery (South Side)
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