LUSH Gorilla Perfume Presents: Gorilla Gallery Vol IV in Vancouver

With the long-awaited launch of LUSH Gorilla Perfume IV, comes the return of the Gorilla Gallery.

At Gorilla, they’ve always said that Perfume is Art, and have always been passionate about exploring art in all its forms. That’s why every time they release a new collection of perfumes they create an interactive exhibition, where each one becomes its very own installation. Guests are allowed to truly immerse themselves in the scents and experience the stories that inspired them.

Volume IV perfumes have been influenced by some exceptional stories so the curators are excited for as many people as possible to experience the installations, films and photography. With this in mind, the scented exhibition will be touring around to the fine cities of Vancouver, Chicago and Dallas.

Come and experience what it feels like to be on the Road From Damascus, let yourself go in the Self Esteem Machine, and make yourself comfortable in a converted water tank that was inspired by the extraordinary story of Tachowa Covington, a homeless man from L.A and the abandoned tank he turned into a home which was subsequently tagged by Banksy.

The perfumes and installations have been the result of Head Perfumer Simon Constantine’s friendship with Hal Samples, a photographer and filmmaker from Dallas who has some remarkable tales to tell. Through their collaboration, the latest Gorilla collection has explored incredibly important themes, such as homelessness, refugees, identity and mental health, which have been thoughtfully transformed into scent. They will also be showing ‘Metamorphosis’ – the first in a series of documentaries called ‘Samples of Society’ that have been made by Hal to document his life-changing experiences with homelessness.

As well as the interactive exhibition, they’ll  be hosting regular live music events and selling exclusive perfumes and products, including Tank Battle and Blackcurrant Angel, that have never before been on sale. Also available will be: Secret Garden, Sweet Grandma, Road From Damascus, Iamesh and Self Esteem Machine, along with exclusive Amelie Mae FUN.

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Event Information:

When: September 26 – 27, 29 – 30
Where: 536 Seymour Street, Vancouver
Time: 11:00 am – 7:00pm (September 26 – 27) | 11:00am – 8:00pm (September 29 – 30)
Admission: FREE!

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