Moody Skies on the Shoreline Trail

Pier in Rocky Point Park, Port Moody Photo: Rob Weiss

No matter where I travel in the Greater Vancouver region, I continue to be amazed and delighted at our proximity to natural spaces. Recently, I jumped on the sky train and ventured out to the Shoreline Trail in Port Moody. To call this a hike would be misleading, but without question, it is a fabulous, gentle nature excursion. Extremely popular with the locals, the Shoreline Trail packs a lot of punch!

Shoreline Trail Boardwalk Photo: Rob Weiss

Nestled on the Burrard Inlet, between mountains and creeks, the Shoreline Trail begins in Port Moody’s best-known park, Rocky Point Park. From there the pathway weaves along the coastline to Old Orchard Park, connecting six of Port Moody’s waterfront pocket parks along the way. A unique blend of forest and foreshore, the route features narrow boardwalks, salt marshes and salmon spawning habitat.

Picnic Area Photo: Rob Weiss

Frequent dabbler and diver sightings occur near the Old Mill Site, a birders destination of choice. Once a bustling cedar and shake mill, now just relics remain, reminding us of days gone by. Fascinated, I sat for a few minutes imaging cedar logs plummeting down the mountainside on a dry log flume. Now, decrepit foundations and old pilings from yesteryear serve as resting spots for our feathered friends.

Shoreline Trail View Point Photo: Rob Weiss

A fertile feeding ground for over fifteen species of waterfowl, the inlet is a popular destination for bird watchers. Naturally, this intertidal buffet also attracts Great Blue Heron and a wide variety of shorebirds. Of course, sitting on the edge of the North Shore Mountains means the park is also home to all kinds of wildlife including bears and coyotes. Of course, fresh water creatures can’t be ignored. A man-made pond adjacent to the trail is home to numerous critters, such as red-legged frogs and long-toed salamanders.

Kayaks ready to launch Photo: Rob Weiss

Feeling rejuvenated after my leisurely nature walk along the Shoreline Trail, I returned to Rocky Point Park in search of a hot cup of java. Like a beacon of light in the distance, the bright yellow umbrellas of Pajo’s called out to me. As I sat blissfully sipping my coffee, I noticed a fleet of kayaks near the pier. Their vivid colours contrasted the moody fall sky. It was magical.

Pier in Port Moody Photo: Rob Weiss

Getting There:

Located in Port Moody at 2800 Block Murray street, Rocky Point Park is easily accessible by Bus, Sky Train and West Coast Express. Visit Translink to plan your trip.

The Shoreline Trail isn’t just for walkers! Cyclists will enjoy the separate paved bike path around the end of Burrard Inlet. Watch for trail markers in the park to begin the Shoreline Trail.

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