Mobi Magic – Bike Sharing in Vancouver

Photo: Rob Weiss

As a full-fledged member of the Slow Bicycle Movement, I felt somewhat traitorous standing in front of the Mobi by Shaw Go Docking Station. Please understand. Over the years, my bicycle has become my travel companion, my trusted steed, a valued friend. We have covered thousands of kilometres together through rain, snow, sleet, hail and glorious sunshine, battling headwinds and savouring tailwinds. Most definitely our relationship is monogamous. Yet, here I stood, in front of a Mobi Station admiring the sleek fleet of intelligent bikes complete with their cute baskets, blue coloured accents, and built-in bells.

Mobi by Shaw Go Docking Station Photo: Rob Weiss

My transgression occurred on a beautiful, sunny West Coast fall day. I found myself running late as I was tackling a mountain of errands. Behind schedule, I wondered how I could possibly complete my task list. Suddenly, like an answer to my prayers, a Mobi Docking station seemed to appear out of nowhere. It seemed too good to be true. Quietly, I whispered a “please forgive me” to my bicycle and began to navigate the Mobi by Shaw Go bike share service.

Photo: Rob Weiss

Full of guilt, I took out my smartphone and registered for a 24-hour pass. With passcode in hand, I unlocked my Mobi, tentatively donned the helmet and began my trip. Although, I found the chunky cruiser a little heavy and cumbersome the convenience of ‘hopping off and on” was welcome. With the Mobi app at my side, I could quickly view the location of the numerous bike stations and assess the number of bicycles available. Route planning was a breeze!

Photo: Rob Weiss

Tentatively, I began my ride focused on the mission at hand. Navigating the downtown core bike lanes, I soon noticed fellow cyclists on their Mobi machines. Effortlessly, riders docked and undocked their bicycles. Soon, I began to feel less like a traitor and more like one of the gang. A member of Vancouver’s sharing economy. Gleefully, I rang my bell. Ride on Vancouver!

Photo: Rob Weiss

Mobi by Shaw Go Docking Stations

Docking stations are conveniently located throughout the City, many situated on Vancouver’s designated bike lanes. Check out the Mobi Bike Map for a docking station near you. Of course, if you are planning a longer ride, be sure to check out one of Vancouver’s bike rental speciality stores. Enjoy your ride!

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