Under the Boardwalk – Deer Lake Park

Deer Lake Park Photo: Flickr Ann Hung

Home to the Burnaby Art Gallery, Shadbolt Centre for the Arts, Burnaby Village Museum and Century Gardens, Deer Lake Park has much to offer. This cultural hub, perhaps best known for the historic village and the C.W. Parker Carousel is a family favourite, especially during the holidays. Of course, my passion for nature and all things green always leads me to the great outdoors, so you can imagine my surprise and delight in discovering a scenic and relatively secluded nature trail around the lake.

Carousel Photo: Tourism Vancouver

My trek began at the beach, near the Deer Lake Boat Rental facility. Although closed for the season, the brightly coloured fleet of watercraft served as a visual reminder of warm sunshine and the long days of summer. Now, an aura of peacefulness, not usually seen in the warmer months, surrounded the lake. With this calm, comes endless opportunity to meet some of the region’s wildlife. Under sunny skies, the lake teemed with life. From ducks to geese and turtles to Rainbow Trout, opportunities to meet the locals were plentiful, and I did my best to observe the creatures in action.

Deer Lake Park Boardwalk Photo: Rob Weiss

Enjoying the brilliant fall colours, I continued along the raised wooden boardwalk. Feet dry, thanks to the elevated platform, I slowly ambled along the path savouring the sights and sounds around me. Stopping at one of the many viewpoints, I gazed out across the calm waters. Like a mirror, the water reflected the beauty of my surroundings. In the distance, Burnaby’s high-rises dominated the skyline. Construction cranes visible in the distance served as a symbol of the region’s growth and also as a reminder of how precious our natural urban areas are.

Deer Lake Photo: Rob Weiss

Alone on the trail, a deep sense of serenity overcame me, and I became lost in my thoughts, my Zen moment. Almost on cue, a well-timed squeal of delight broke my trance. Across the lake, I spotted a group of canoeists. Their joy was infectious. I quickened my pace, in an effort to draw closer to them. Inspired by their enthusiasm, I smiled to myself. Spirits lifted, I turned to take the path home.

Deer Lake Photo: Rob Weiss

Getting There:

A short drive from downtown Vancouver, Deer Lake Park is located in central Burnaby, adjacent to City Hall and just south of the Trans Canada Highway. Upon arriving, check out the trail map, and choose your route to match your desired walk or run distance.

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