Where to Check Off Your New Year’s Resolutions in Vancouver

Meeting your resolution goals is easy when you live in an outdoor playground like Vancouver.

The new year is approaching and with it comes the promise of a new start – to get rid of those holiday pounds, to conquer that phobia once and for all, to make it all the way through Sober January… Of course, keeping New Year’s promises is easiest when you can engage in activities that support your resolution. Luckily, Vancouver is rife with activities, attractions and venues that are resolution-friendly while still allowing you to indulge in life’s not-so-sinful pleasures. Cheers to a new and improved you in 2018!

Resolution: Get back into shape
Remedy: Challenge yourself with the Snowshoe Grind on Grouse Mountain The Grouse Grind is difficult enough, but this winter you can up the ante even more by strapping on a pair of snowshoes and attempting the 4.3km Snowshoe Grind – a scenic trail covered in fresh powder. The payoff? Massive caloric burn, deliciously achy thighs and, when you reach the summit, a flood of endorphins reminding you of the unparalleled achievement that is climbing a snow-packed mountain. The Snowshoe Grind starts outside the Chalet (adjacent to the Skyride ramp) and achieves 240m of elevation. Plan for the hike to last an hour, though snow conditions will impact your overall time. Good luck!

Acorn impresses with fresh, non-alcoholic sips (courtesy Sean David Photography).

Resolution: Cut back on the cocktails
Remedy: Enjoy a tasty virgin concoction accompanied by a nourishing meal Temptation admittedly awaits teetotalers in restaurants, bars and hotels across Vancouver: local wines, craft beers, some of the world’s best bartenders mixing up cocktails… But the same plethora of imbibing options applies to a tantalizing array of non-alcoholic brews just as tasty as their liquor-soaked counterparts. Several venues in and around Vancouver offer comprehensive virgin drink lists, though a must-try is The Acorn. In addition to flavourful drinks like the Evening Orchard (pear, fennel, cardamom syrup, fresh lemon and sparkling water) and blackberry charcoal kombucha, the restaurant serves hearty vegan and vegetarian dishes featuring fennel pesto, celeriac cashew remoulade, roasted eggplant, kelp salt-roasted king oyster mushrooms and other culinary wonders. Who knew staying healthy could be so tasty?

Resolution: Get outside my comfort zone.
Remedy: Brave a dogsledding adventure  Even those who have spent a lifetime spent living in the Great White North have never tried the most iconic of winter activities: dogsledding. Canadian Wilderness Adventures makes it easy to get out in the snow with a pack of powerful dogs, following a trail into the old growth forests of the Callaghan Valley. The three-hour adventure includes a stop at an abandoned trapper’s camp on Totem Lake, as well as a primer on the history of Canadian fur trappers and their own dogsledding adventures. You’ll learn from professional mushers how to harness the dogs and handle the sled – then it’s time to sit back, relax and take in the stunning winter scenery around you. Happy sledding!

Heal yourself with a natural elixir (courtesy SilkRoadTeaStore.com).

Resolution: Heal myself the natural way
Remedy: Visit Silk Road Tea for a tea-based elixir  Whether you suffer from digestion issues, chronic headaches or merely need a post-holiday lift, Silk Road Tea’s all-natural, organic blends are tailored to target a range of infirmities. Tea leaves are masterfully combined using ancient techniques supplemented by the latest research on tea’s medicinal properties, all of which you can learn more about in-store at one of Silk Tea’s upcoming workshops (try “Renew, Reset, Recharge” to discover powerfully effective wellness tips, home spa rituals and more). Silk Road also sells tea-based skincare products and offers recipes and holistic remedies. We’re all familiar with the therapeutic properties of a hot cup of tea – now you can harness tea’s power to support your own healing.

Ascend the Sea to Sky Gondola and conquer your fear of heights!

Resolution: Conquer my fear of heights
Remedy: Ascend the Sea to Sky Gondola – the payoff is worth it!  If lofty summits leave you shaky, consider tackling the phobia head-on. The Sea to Sky Gondola whisks you 850 metres above sea level, offering steady aerial views of Howe Sound and the Coast Mountains that are sure to take your mind off your fear. Once you’ve reached the summit a short 10 minutes later, winter activities abound to distract you further from the impressive heights you’ve climbed: snowshoeing, tubing, skiing, winter walking and – to prove you’ve conquered your fear once and for all – the wobbly Sky Pilot Suspension Bridge. Before heading back down, celebrate your vanquished phobia in the cozy Summit Eatery and Bar where you can enjoy a beer while soaking in the stunning panoramas – you’ve earned it.


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