Chinese Lantern Festival Will Light Up the PNE Grounds This Winter (Free Ticket Giveaway!)

Beginning on December 15th, the largest festival of its kind in Canada will feature 35 illuminated displays transforming over 14 acres of Hastings Park into an explosion of light and colors. The event runs daily from December 15 (closed Christmas Day) until January 21, 2018.

“It is a tremendous honour to have been selected by this leading cultural organization as the inaugural host in Canada for this important festival,” says Mike McDaniel, President and CEO of the Pacific National Exhibition (PNE). “We anticipate people from all ethnicities and cultures from across our region will be excited about the opportunity to see this important and impressive display.”

Lantern festivals started during the Han Dynasty, about 2,000 years ago. For centuries, lanterns festivals have been lit on the fifteenth day of the first month in the Chinese calendar to pray for a good harvest, and to gain favor of Taiyi, god of heaven. Today, the lantern festivals are still held each year around the country, with each major Chinese city having its own light festival.  In ancient times, the lanterns were fairly simple, and only the emperor and noblemen had large ornate ones. In modern times, lanterns have been embellished with many complex designs such as the ones that will be on display at the PNE.

Zigong, hometown of the Lantern Festival, has some of the best lantern artisans in China where skills and a tradition of craftsmanship are passed down through the generations.

The Festival will be featuring Dragon, White Pagoda, Kylin, and Huabiao Column lanterns, each lantern symbolizing a Chinese sage or legend. Dragons have been a symbol of worship for over 4 thousand years, and are considered the noblest creature in the world. Pagodas are a traditional part of architecture, and since ancient times have been praised for the spectacular views. Kylin is a traditional beast with a calm temperament in ancient Chinese tales. Ancient people believed that where there are Kylin, there is a favorable omen. Huabiao are famous structures in the Forbidden City in Beijing, made of jade, with one column at the front gate, and one at the back of the city facing inwards. The columns are said to be protectors of the residents and a reminder for the emperor to pay attention to his duties.

In addition to the lantern displays, the festival will also include nightly performances in the PNE Amphitheatre:  6:30pm & 8:30pm on Sundays through Thursdays and 6:30pm, 8:30pm & 9:30pm on Fridays & Saturdays. Featuring Face Changing, Acrobatics, Plate Spinners, Folk Dance, Jar Balancing and Erhu. These exciting performances are family friendly, and are sure to wow. The lantern festival will also feature a food and beverage program and additional children’s activities.

Ticket Prices (includes all fees)

  • Adult (13-64) $19
  • Senior (65+) $14.50
  • Child (4-11) $13.50
  • Family Pass 2 Adult & 2 Children $55.00
  • Children under 3 years old are free

Group Rates available for groups of 10 and more

Call PNE Group Sales at 604.252.3663 for more info

For more information about The Vancouver Chinese Lantern Festival visit

Event Info:

When: December 15, 2017 until January 20, 2018 (closed December 25th)
Where: PNE Grounds | Hastings and Renfrew
Time: Fridays and Saturdays, 5:00pm – 11:00pm | Sunday through Thursday, 5:00pm – 10:00pm
Tickets: Purchase online

Free Ticket Giveaway!

We’re giving away two pairs of tickets to this year’s Chinese Lantern Festival. Simply post a comment below telling us why you want to check out this event and be automatically entered to win. We’ll select two lucky winners on Wednesday, December 13th and notify the winners by email. Good luck!

Updated Wednesday, December 13th: Congratulations Rosemarie and Joanna! You are each the lucky recipient of a pair of tickets to this year’s Chinese Lantern Festival. Please check your inbox for further details on how to go about claiming your prize. Thank you to everyone who entered for a chance to win. We hope you can all make it out to this year’s event!

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  1. Jan

    Would love to win this…

    • Eva Choy

      We have been here over 40 years. My parents don’t have the luxury to go back to China on a frequent basis. To see their heritage would be fantastic for them. It would make Christmas for them.

    • Sally

      My birthday is Dec 21st and I always plan a different event to go with my family. We would really enjoy this production of lanterns and acrobatics at the PNE.

    • Cam

      My girls will love to see it.

    • Cam

      My ladies will love to see it.

    • Ruby Muskens

      We are from Alberta and our daughter is taking East Asian studies at UBC. She would love to attend this event.

    • Alison Forrester

      It’s important my children are exposed to different cultures through art expression. This looks like a beautiful example of this.

    • Louise

      My son and his children are rarely able to visit here from Los Angeles. This year they are! With in laws in Lynden Washington, it has sometimes been difficult for them to divide their time. As well as being a splendid experience, I am hoping that this event and the Stanley Park train will lure them to spend a little more time here.

  2. christophe

    Me me me!

  3. Tony

    Would love to see the lanterns light up in the dark at the PNE!

  4. Tatiana

    This would be lovely to go to.

  5. Andras

    How beautiful those lights will be!

  6. Paula

    We are newly married and he is from England. I would love to show him this spectacular Display of lights. We will celebrate our anniversary Jan 30. He came in Dec and would be a nice to celebrate !!!

  7. Amber

    This sounds amazing!

  8. Steve

    I’ve been very curious about this new event! I would really be keen to check it out.

  9. Laura Langs

    It looks beautiful!

  10. Kate

    My granddaughter is Chinese, living in a Caucasian culture, and I would love to take her to this Chinese Lantern Festival event to experience something of her own culture. That would be great! Thank you!

  11. Eva


  12. Linda lee

    Great to show my son about Chinese Lantern Festival!!?

  13. Tara

    This sounds beautiful.

  14. Julie

    I love lanterns, they are so magical…

  15. Billy Cheung

    Would love to bring my wife to this!

  16. Karen

    It is beautiful! my kids love it!!

  17. Maryanne

    We love seeing all the sights!

  18. David

    I’d love to win this to prolong the festive season.

  19. Lynn

    I would love to take my granddaughter!

  20. Lynn

    What a fantastic event! I’d love to win tickets to see this!

  21. Shahee

    Yes pls.

  22. YunJeon kang

    Me me me

  23. Christian

    YAS lanterns YAS

  24. Theresa

    Would be cool for this to be our baby girl’s first light event.

  25. Zain

    I love lights! Be great to check them out with my man!

  26. Leanne S

    Ths would be an amazing experience and I’d love to see the lantern displays.

  27. Susannah

    I think this would be cool to see and photograph

  28. JC

    Sounds like it will be beautiful and would be nice to understand a bit more what my students from China experience as ‘winter wonderland’.

  29. Shae

    My boyfriend and I are planning to visit Vancouver over the holidays and would love to see this wonderful festival :)

  30. Oscar

    Hi! Am an international student, this is my first week in Vancouver, and I really wanna go to that awesome event!

  31. Aman

    My kids will have their first time experience and they will be amazed??

  32. Deb

    Visiting from Ontario going to be in Vancouver for Christmas this would be a fantastic event to see.

  33. Alynne

    I have never attended a lantern festival before, so this would be a great opportunity to do so. I’d love to win free tickets!

  34. Kay

    will be a fan favourite

  35. Lisa Gottloeber

    Us! Really wanna go with my family!

  36. Cynthia

    This looks so beautiful and such a great opportunity to learn about another culture! It’s a nice change from the Christmas celebrations.

  37. Candy

    Love lantern festivals. My kids would enjoy this.

  38. Jenn

    This would be great to teach my two kids about how another culture celebrates and their tradition.

  39. eileen

    I love lanterns & would love to go to this.

  40. Steve

    My folks will be here visiting from cold @ss Alberta for Christmas and I would love to bring them to this awesome event for free! Please pick us

  41. Diana Lopez

    Hi! I want to go!! First time for me :)

  42. Rosemarie

    Would like to see the lantern decorations

  43. Fatidjah Nestman

    Being Canadian born but with so many Asian friends, I would love to attend

  44. Suzanne

    This looks beautiful. Would like to share this experience with family.

  45. Christine

    I would love to take my family to see this!

  46. Linda

    This seems really cool!!!

  47. Mel

    Would love to take my kids to see the wonderful lanterns!

  48. Mel

    Would love to take my kids!

  49. I think this would be simply illuminating….

  50. Roy

    My little one loves learning Chinese and we would like to show her some Chinese culture ; especially , attending this Chinese lantern Festival !!!

  51. Michael

    Yowsa, Yowsa, Yowsa

  52. Raea Dobson

    The pictures look beautiful – I would love to go!

  53. Stephanie

    Sounds like a beautiful way to sons tome with family. Hope to be able to go


    Wow! Family would love to go.

  55. Simon Lam

    Would love to go and try out my new camera!

  56. wyn

    This festival sounds totally delightful.

  57. Mondee Redman

    Thank You for this contest. I put up a 10 foot dragon, a couple of 5 footers & other decorations for lunar new year. I’m a big fan of Chinese lanterns.

  58. Celebration, lanterns, culture, stories to blog.

  59. Adrian Wu

    Thank you for this. Would love to bring our daughter to see her first lanterns and let her learns more about the culture.

  60. Angela

    Looks amazing ; would love to see this !

  61. Michelle

    Would love to win because it’s a tradition in my country!

  62. Kimberly Tholl

    Growing up in China, my parents would take me to all kinds of lantern shows during Chinese New Year as a “present” to me. I didn’t know until much older that because my family had little money taking to these free lantern shows in the city were all they could do. It was the best part of the holiday for me anyways! I want to take my son to this lantern show to share his mom’s childhood story with him.

  63. Jillian st james

    Not sure what to expect but from the discreptsion sound beautiful, i would love to go and check it out .

  64. Chantelle

    The pictures look incredible!! I would love to see this!!

  65. Liz

    My sister-in-law is joining us from the UK, would love to take her to see this!Thanks.

  66. Am

    This sounds like a great night for me and my family to enjoy, and it’s in my neighbourhood! Hope I get to check it out.

  67. Samantha Lincoln

    I would love to be able to take my daughter while we’re down there for medical on 18th

  68. Hayley

    Haven’t been able to do much this year because I’ve been recovering from an injury. Now that Im starting to walk on my own again, this would be great to go and see with my best friend.

  69. tyler

    pick meee i would lovd to chdck it out

  70. Tina

    What a treat. Would love to see these beautiful lanterns with my family.

  71. Brette

    Learning a language and culture through dating is my reason for going to the festival! (Besides how fun and beautiful it all looks!) It’s the best way to connect. :)

  72. Sara

    I want to go, it’s my first time in Canada and it will be perfect if I win this tickets. To see this amazing chinase laterns

  73. Sara

    I want to win this tickets. It’s my first in Canada and I really want to see this amazing laterns!!! Thanks for this contest

  74. Melissa

    Would love to see these lights!!

  75. Alisa

    I would love to win these tickets. I’ve been in Canada for 4,5 years and my mom is coming to visit me on Dec 12 for the first time. This festival would be an awesome opportunity to show her how multicultural Canada really is.

  76. Camille

    My parents are coming to visit me for the first time and we never had the opportunity to see a lantern festival. It looks fantastic!

  77. Alexis

    I want to go, it looks amazing!

  78. Meghan

    This sounds like a great way to light up the dark winter nights!

  79. Joanna

    I would love to take my parents to this event!

  80. Karen bozic

    Would love to take my 13 year old. We want to go to china and CA t so this is our next best thing!

  81. Alarica Fernandes

    My first Christmas in BC. Would be lovely to experience this with my husband!

  82. Jessica

    I would love to win these tickets for my children. Being a single parent on a tight budget means my kiddos wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to attend such an amazing event??

  83. Iris

    Oh this would be wonderful! My kids love lights and are so excited for Christmas lights, this is a great alternative to see lights but at the same time learn about their culture and heritage. I loved the lantern festival when i was a kid living in Hong Kong, this would bring back great memories and I would get to see lanterns on a grand scale! Thanks for the opportunity to win ?

  84. Greg

    great photo opportunity thanks

  85. Isabelle

    Would love to check this out with my son free tickets would make it happen ?

  86. Holley

    There is someone whom I wish to share a memorable moment with during the magical holidays. Any penny saved during this time of year helps too.

  87. Cecillia

    I would love to go with my family so they can experience their culture without having to travel back to China so often!

  88. Cynthia

    My grams would absolutely love this!

  89. Rose

    I’ll be in Vancouver for a surprise visit to my mother, whom I haven’t seen in nearly four years (I live on the other side of the country), for her birthday. She’s mentioned wanting to visit the PNE before. Seeing the lantern festival would be the perfect mother-daughter outing for the special occasion! Please pick us! Thank you!

  90. Serena

    This would be our first lantern festival, me and my husband are getting closer to Chinese culture, also studying mandarin… would be a nice step for us!

  91. Diane T

    It would be my first lantern festival and I would love to go!

  92. Ariel C

    looks like a lot of fun! would love to go

  93. adam steele

    sounds like a fun date night

  94. Lester C

    Haven’t gone before, I would love to see the exhibits!

  95. Jennifer T

    It would be great to take the family

  96. Jeff

    Love lanterns!

  97. Danielle

    I’ve never been but saw a small display at the PNE in the summer and have been eagerly awaiting the opening date ever since!

  98. I’d love to check it out and take some photos!

  99. May Wong

    I would love to see this with my mom! She is too cheap to go if she has to pay … -_- … Hahaha

  100. Antonio

    I have two friends visiting us from Arizona and would love to give them the tickets.

  101. Desmond

    My son would LOVE it!!

  102. Sev

    I have never attended this festival before. My son and I would like to go!

  103. Michelle W

    I would love to go to experience this beautiful display of Chinese culture.

  104. Justine

    It’s been a busy year for me and the bf. This would make for a great date night to enjoy some time off together.

  105. Mandy

    I’d love to see this for the last few years I have wanted to get some lanterns and let them go into the sky I live in the kootenays but will be in van this xmass and new year so it would be amazing if I won . Good luck to all and happy holidays .

  106. A Ma

    It would be a great family outing!

  107. Diana

    I live in area of the PNE and have been passing by the entrance with the big gated lantern, would love to check out what more they have. The latern gate really makes a difference to the area, it’s brighter and looks very welcoming.

  108. Rebecca Tong

    Would be a treat for the family

  109. Amy

    This would be an amazing prize package for my parents! Both are from China both haven’t been back for many years. This will be a great treat for them!

  110. Siew Fong Yee

    Another great way for my kids to gain exposure to the Chinese culture!

  111. Jeff S

    I would like to go to this event because I think it will be a beautiful experience.

  112. Ben

    would love to be able to bring my mom, we do most of the light festivals in the city so this would be a real treat.

  113. Owen

    This looks like a fun family outing!

  114. Don Lum

    lanterns will light up my night

  115. HR

    Looks Beautiful

  116. Carmen Chan

    I want to bring my daughter there and show her more about her culture!

  117. FT

    Sounds like a lovely event to check out

  118. David

    This sounds like a lot of fun to see

  119. Linda K McA

    Just got back from China! Would love free tickets to this!

  120. Kym

    Looks like a cool, new event. I would love to check it out!

  121. Krista

    I’ve never been to a lantern festival before! This would be so amazing to go to!

  122. Pat

    Would love to check out this lantern festival!

  123. Bex Webdale

    My friend is joining from the UK (first visit) and would love to take her to this special event.

  124. Rye

    I just got engaged and this would be a very romantic way to celebrate love with mi amore. Please pick me to win the tickets ?

  125. Chloe

    Yes please. The colour, culture and excitement of this event will be super I have no doubts

  126. Kerry

    I would love to share this magical outing with my daughters.

  127. Amer Qureshi

    Never seen any thing like this before, it’s Perfect for our family reunion which is happening during the event

  128. Greg

    i’d bring my camera and take some great photos

  129. Kitty

    I would love to check this out because the lights would definitely be beautiful.

  130. Sue

    My kids would love it

  131. Neha

    It is really beautiful, my son is 7 Year’s old and I want show and teach him cultural diversity which you can see in our beautiful city.

  132. Maria luz oba

    I want to take my son to this show coz its like philippines lights and lantern he never been to philpines since 3 months old wch is 15yrs ago

  133. Cecilia

    Interesting festival, would love to check it out!

  134. Jane

    Everything about this is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  135. Jason


  136. Abeer

    That seems wonderful, something new and will definitely add it to my check list.
    Hope to win :)

  137. Jessica

    I’d love to go and learn more about the lantern festival from my ethnic home country, China.

    • wasko

      if you win take me :)

  138. omid

    it looks so beautiful i love asian festivals pick me :p lol

  139. Gris

    My fiancée and I just got engage and we are travelling to Vancouver with his family for New Year’s Eve (we are from Alberta). My future mother in-law is Chinese and this would be a wonderful surprise for her❤️