5 excellent reasons to spend some time at the Eastside Flea Market

eastside flea market

Image courtesy of eastside flea market

The Eastside Flea is a unique shopping experience in Vancouver that had humble beginnings but has slowly become a much-loved bi-weekly event for visitors and locals alike. This “modern day flea market” is held in the Ellis Building on Main Street and typically features more than 50 local vendors, artisan showrooms, rotating food trucks, and much more.

If that wasn’t enough reason to check out the Eastside Flea, here are a few more reasons to make the trip to check out “The Flea”.

eastside flea market

Image courtesy of Eastside Flea | Facebook

1. It’s one of the best places to find unique, handmade gifts

The Eastside Flea takes place over an entire weekend (Friday – Sunday) on select days of the month. If you’re on the hunt for a unique gift for a friend, loved one, or even for yourself, there’s something for everyone at the Eastside Flea. Each event hosts over 50 local vendors selling diverse goods from handmade leather items to pottery, to hand-drawn magnets, plants, artisan eats, and more.

Don’t forget to remember the motto: “see it, like it, buy it”! Many of these handmade items are one of a kind, so avoid disappointment by buying what you like when you see it.

eastside flea market

Image by Lindsays Diet | Sourced from the Eastside Flea Facebook Page

2. It’s a great place to find eclectic vintage fashion

The Eastside Flea already features several vintage vendors with awesome t-shirts and well-loved jean jackets. Occasionally, there is the ICONS Vintage Market, which is an event not to be missed for any vintage enthusiast.

The theme ICONS represents the racy subculture of modern vintage lifestyle – easy livin’, freedom, counterculture, psychedelia, design & style cues from the best of the 60’s and 70’s. Keith Richards, Brigitte Bardot, Iggy, Twiggy, Andy Warhol, Jane Birkin, Bowie, Steve McQueen, Patti Smith, the list goes on….

The next ICONS market is on Friday, February 23, 2018.

eastside flea market

Image by Lindsays Diet | Sourced from the Eastside Flea Facebook Page

3. The building itself is really cool

It’s not enough that the vendors and the shoppers at the Eastside Flea are extremely cool, the building itself is a sight to see. Built in 1907, the Ellis Building (1024 Main Street) is a 10,000 sq ft historic gem in East Vancouver. Back in 2016, the building was in desperate need of renovation.  After months of painting, drywalling, and rewiring, the 8,709-square-foot building was transformed into a functional and inviting space with vendor and retail floors, artist studios, a stage, and a spacious outdoor area connected to both Station and Main Streets.

When you’re at the Flea, make sure you take some time to look around and appreciate all the hard work that went into revamping this heritage building.

eastside flea market

Image by Lindsays Diet | Sourced from the Eastside Flea Facebook Page

4. The food is great and you can drink

Shopping can really build up an appetite! When you’re hungry and thirsty after wandering around the Flea, you can take a break to enjoy the food trucks, deejays, pinball machines, a pool table, outdoor courtyard, and other fun things to check out.

The event regularly has drink specials, which means you can enjoy a tasty beverage before plunging back into the shopping zone.

eastside flea dogs

Image by Lindsays Diet | Sourced from the Eastside Flea Facebook Page

5. Dogs are allowed

There’s not many times Fido can join you in the mall. The Eastside Flea allows dogs (on leash) into the market to enjoy the experience. So if you’ve got a doggy in tow, you won’t have to leave them out in the cold!

If you want to check out the next Eastside Flea, there’s one coming up on the February 23 – 25 weekend. You can also follow their Facebook page for upcoming events.

What’s your reason to visit The Eastside Flea? Let us know in the comment section below!

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