Eventually – When Art and Nature Intersect

Mosquito Creek Trail, North Vancouver Photo: Rob Weiss

When art and nature intersect, the result is almost always thought-provoking and inspiring. Recently, while hiking along North Vancouver’s Mosquito Creek Trail, I stumbled upon Adam Kuby’s Earthwork sculpture. From a distance, near a little footbridge, slabs of granite dominated the landscape. They appeared out of place. Curious, I approached the rock wondering why such large blocks would be located in such a prominent place on the trail. Fascinated, I discovered this installation was one of three pieces, a triptych, situated on the North Shore.

Eventually Photo: Rob Weiss

Typically, a triptych is a picture or carving on three panels, designed to be appreciated together. As though challenging us to explore and discover the North Shore, Kuby’s triptych inhabits three different parks. “Together as a triptych, these three earthwork installations embody the interplay of human, geologic, hydrologic and biological forces that are so uniquely and dramatically visible in North Vancouver.”

Mosquito Creek Trail, North Vancouver Photo: Rob Weiss

Created from local stone, soil and living trees all three pieces are west coast authentic. Enchanted at the thought of an evolving and ever-changing work of art, I decided a closer inspection of Eventually #1 was necessary. Ten large granite blocks lay before me, carefully constructed in a grid-like pattern. Native trees, grasses and shrubs are intermixed into the piece, a beautiful intersection of art and nature. Over time, as the plants grow and thrive, the slabs will heave and crack, a true testament to the power and force of nature.

Mosquito Creek Trail, North Vancouver Photo: Rob Weiss

Getting There:

Nestled in the Mosquito Creek Ravine, and part of the Great Trail, the path can be accessed at numerous points along the way. To enjoy the entire route, begin your hike at Mosquito Creek Park, on the corner of Fell Avenue and West 17th Street in North Vancouver and continue along the well-marked pathway to William Griffin Park on West Queens Road. The trail is dog-friendly.

Triptych Viewing:

Interested in exploring the North Shore and viewing all three installations? Grab your hiking poles, camera and set your sights on:

  • Eventually #1 – Located on the west side of Mosquito Creek, ten large granite blocks form a linear grid.
  • Eventually #2 – Resembling a zipper, five massive granite slabs are tucked in a meadow near the Lynn Canyon Café and Lynn Canyon Ecology Centre.
  • Eventually #3 – A series of five stones, Eventually #3 is situated at the entrance to the Seymour River Heritage Park behind Maplewood Farm.
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