Ticket Giveaway: The Fair at the PNE

We’re giving away two pairs of tickets to The Fair at the PNE! Showcasing a diverse entertainment line-up, internationally acclaimed musical performances, and rides and attractions, this year’s Fair is sure to be the most exciting yet.

To be eligible, simply post a comment below and be automatically entered to win. We’ll select two lucky winners on Friday, August 10th and notify the winners by email. The ticket winners will be allowed to visit the Fair on any day that the Fair is open, and will also have the opportunity to watch the Summer Nights Concerts.

Highlight’s of this year’s Fair at the PNE include Knights of Valour, Action Sports AllStars with X Games athletes, an exhibit exploring the intersection between pop culture and technology, and a new line-up for the Summer Night Concerts.

The Summer Night Concerts line-up includes:

Saturday, August 18th Boyz II Men
Sunday, August 19th Air Supply
Tuesday, August 21st Dean Brody
Wednesday, August 22nd Goo Goo Dolls
Thursday, August 23rd I LOVE THE 90’s TOUR Featuring Salt-N-Pepa with Spinderella, All-4-One, Color Me Badd, and Young MC Friday,
August 24th Wilson Phillips Saturday, August 25th Marianas Trench
Sunday, August 26th LOST 80’s LIVE featuring A Flock of Seagulls, Men Without Hats, Wang Chung, Farrington & Mann (original vocalists from When in Rome UK), Animotion and Nu Shooz
Tuesday, August 28th 112 featuring Slim
Wednesday, August 29th Kool & the Gang
Thursday, August 30th Jann Arden
Friday, August 31st Burton Cummings and Band
Saturday, September 1st Chicago
Sunday, September 2nd Village People
Monday, September 3rd Cyndi Lauper

You can also expect outrageous and unbelievable culinary creations such as Cricket Caramel Apples, Smoking Charcoal Soft Serve, Deep-Fried Burgers, Chocolate Dipped Churros and more!

For more information about the PNE, visit: www.pne.ca

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240 Responses to Ticket Giveaway: The Fair at the PNE

  1. mei

    perfect timing for summer!

    • I’d love to go It’s always enjoyable

      • Haven’t been there in a few years – would love to go again!

        • Planning a vacation with the kids end of August for our anniversary to Vancouver! We would love to see PNE!

    • What a wonderful contest thank you for the chance to win. I haven’t been to the PNE since I was a kid. It brings back fond summertime fun memories.

    • I love going to The Fair! So much to see and do! My fave thing is The Dog Show! I also enjoy the Dualing Pianos!

  2. Ana

    I hope I win! New in town and looking forward to exploring it fully this summer :)


  3. So looking forward to the Fair! Love Love the nightly entertainment!

  4. Haven’t been to the fair before….would love to win. Thanks for the chance.

  5. Can’t wait yo yo on opening day.?????

  6. Waiting to consume my yearly quota of mini doughnuts in one sitting!

  7. Kay

    Would love to take my 2 yr old to his first PNE experience!

  8. I need this so bad! Vancouver is calm, peaceful, and people are nice. It’s the only antidote from hustle and bustle in Los Angeles. Hope I win. Just a few days get away would be wonderful!!

  9. Oh this would be amazing!

  10. Oh my gosh! My kids would love this! I have never been myself and neither have my 4 children! I would love to be able to make our first PNE experience be a fun family trip together!

  11. Thanks for the opportunity to win these PNE passes!

  12. My kids and I can’t wait for PNE to start

  13. Ron

    Thanks for the chance!

  14. Pick me! I want to go

  15. Remark
    Haven’t been for a couple of years. It’s time.???

  16. We would love to go !!

  17. Would love to take our kids!

  18. Amazing fair and I havent won anything from fair ever. Great music lineup!

  19. Would love to win this! Ive never won anything and this would make my summer!!

  20. This would be amazing to win! Totally need this before baby comes!!

  21. How else to spend summer vacay!?!?


    YES !!

  23. i would love to go to PNE Fair first time also be so exciting

  24. would love to win i enjoy the concerts and all the different foods and the new attractions every year there is something new good luck everyone

  25. My neighbours little guy talks of nothing else. Would love to take him and his mum

  26. Great!

  27. The summer night concert line up is awesome!

  28. Ali

    I love the pne

  29. Bring on the Superdogs!

  30. Remarks
    Love the PNE

  31. Please pick me! I haven’t been to the PNE in years. Would love to go with the hubby this year.

  32. sam


  33. This looks so awesome!

  34. Remarks
    Would love to win this. Thanks.

  35. a family tradition!

  36. Would love to take the wife!

  37. My fiancé and I are spending only 30 days together reform August until October. He’s back for a little of the PNE festivities and we would love to win this!

  38. been years I haven’t been, and would love to win tickets this year!

  39. My 2 little kids would love the PNE.
    Thanks so much.

  40. Would love to go to the Fair this year!

  41. I’d love to win some tickets?

  42. Our first trip to Canada! This would be amazing…x

  43. I love the ONE. Reliving the childhood version with my little girl. I hope we win

  44. I`m looking forward to going to the Fair but can definitively say I will NOT be trying the cricket candied apple!

  45. Would love to win some passes haven’t been to the PNE in years

  46. RemarksAlways love going to the fair

  47. so many things to see, so many things to try! exciting!

  48. The PNE is a favorite summer activity in our family!

  49. Would love to win the tickets

  50. Love going to the PNE and seeing all the sights,taking in the summer concerts and of course eating all that food. Thanks for a chance at winning tickets.

  51. Kim

    Would love to win passes for the PNE! Want to see some of the concerts

  52. i wanna go to PNE!!

  53. I would love to take my little sister to the PNE! She’s never been.

  54. PNE is one of my favourite things, so a win would be great!

  55. TG

    Would love to visit the PNE fair with my family!

  56. The PNE….the best part of summer

  57. Our family would love to go!

  58. Food…concert….and rides….yes please!!

  59. I look forward to the PNE every year especially all the food trucks!

  60. Love the rides and all the other fun stuff

  61. Would love to take my kids!!

  62. Would be so nice for us Dutchies visiting Vancouver this month!

  63. Remarks
    Thanks for the opportunity to score 2018 PNE TIX

  64. Would love to go.

  65. Looks super cool different from the other summer activities. Would love to go

  66. I would love a day at the PNE. I want to see Jann Arden or Cindy Lauper in concert.

  67. I’d love to visit the fair!

  68. would make the perfect date night! Haven’t been to the fair in around 5 years

  69. ? hope i win ? love going to the fair with my girls..

  70. I’d love to go to the fair again this year!

  71. Wyn

    Would love to go!

  72. JT

    Would love to go!

  73. What an amazing giveaway! I would love to take my gf with me. Good luck to all!

  74. Liz

    Would love to check out the pne this summer. I haven’t been there in years!

  75. I’d love to win the tickets!

  76. Tganks for this wonderful opportunity!

  77. Thanks so much!!

  78. would love to win

  79. Thank you soooooo much for the chance!! I’ve lived in Vancouver all my life and never won a PNE Prize! This would be epic!

  80. I havent been in years. This would be a great opportunity to go again. Good luck to everyone

  81. Love the PNE. Superdogs, Hastings park the food. A nice way to end the summer.

  82. It’ll be a fun summer activity!!

  83. It’s just a hot Summer in the city without hot Summer nights at the PNE!

  84. The PNE is a wonderful summer tradition!

  85. Love the food at the PNE!

  86. My boyfriend and I have tradition of going to the PNE every year to see the true love of his life (rock and pop bands from the 80s and 90s). Free tickets would be so so welcome (but best of luck to everyone else hoping to be awarded the tickets!).

  87. Geoffrey

    Heres hoping I win!

  88. Ben

    My family would love to go. Vancouver is an amazing city

  89. Love the food at the PNE!

  90. I would love to take my step kids. Probably won’t my be able to go unless we win. It would be amazing to do something special for my family

  91. Would be so much fun to go to!

  92. Love the pne. :-)

  93. Yay! So excited for the PNE this year! Would like to try some of the new crazy foods!

  94. I would love to win!

  95. This is a must-do on my daughter’s summer vacation list. Love cutie animals there.

  96. Never been to the Fair at the PNE. Would love to go with my husband!

  97. Looks fun!

  98. I go every year!

  99. I would love to go to the fair this year. Hope to break the record of not winning anything ever.

  100. I’d love to win tickets :)

  101. Yes please!

  102. Countdown to the PNE is on.

  103. I like the smell of mini donuts

  104. This could be a much needed bonding day with my teenage daughter :)

  105. Really want to go to PNE!

  106. Wow awesome. We want to visit PNE this year, hope to win this ?

  107. How fantastic! Count me in for an entry! Good luck everyone ?

  108. Please pick me for the free tickets to the PNE!

  109. I come to Vancouver every year for The PNE & Summer Nights Concerts. would be fun to win a free night.

  110. I love the fair at the PNE, my favorite thing to do every summer!

  111. Seeing Cyndi Lauper would bring back amazing memories of my teens

  112. Would love to go!

  113. I would love to go! It has been a while since the last time I went to PNE… several years ago

  114. I would love to go . please

  115. Can’t wait to see why locals like it so much! We are moving to Vancouver in about a week and what a great way to see the city and meet people

  116. Jessica

    I’ve never been to the PNE and would love to go! ?

  117. Liz

    Always a fun time at the PNE! Don’t think I’ll be trying those cricket caramel apples, though…

  118. My hubby and I attend every year. At first as friends, then as a couple, and now as a young family with a second one on the way. Can’t wait to have our new addition join in our end of summer tradition!

  119. Choose me (:

  120. I always looked forward to the PNE when i grew up.It’s been 40 years but i hear it’s still a blast!

  121. So looking forward to the Fair this year!

  122. Looking forward to seeing some of the bands this year.

  123. How fun this would be! Thanks, PNE and Inside Vancouver! ❤

  124. Would love to bring my daughter here!

  125. I would love to take my son to this!

  126. Would love to take my Bff….so much fun

  127. What a fun night out!!

  128. Nele H

    I’ve never been to The Fair or to PNE, but it’s on my bucket list! Great way to end summer with a bang.

  129. Raj

    I would love to see some of these performances.

  130. Thanks for the contest! Would love to go with a family member

  131. I would love to go and take my friend !!

  132. It would be so fantastic to win tix to the PNE. One of my ALL TIME fave things to do in the summer!! ??

  133. Pne is an annual tradition!

  134. So fun, great lineup of shows too. Would love to win and take the family!

  135. Pick us please!!

  136. i really want some mini donuts!

  137. I would love to see Jann Arden or Burton Cummings

  138. Remarks hello
    I am 62 and believe it or not I have never been to the pne even though I lived in surrey for most of my life,i was never able to attend and that is a great loss for me. I now live in alberta but k days does not compare to the pne,everything I read and have heard is the pne is #1 and even though my grandmother promised me one day we never made it. I now have hard 2 heart attacks ,diabetes 2,spinal menegitis,and a stroke,i will always have the memories of pne and my grand mother. I wish that every child can make it to pne..we got tickets when I was in school but but the money was not there to do these kinds of things. I wish kids much happyiness and try to get to pne

  139. Looking forward to watch the Summer Nights Concerts.. Thanks for the opportunity, Inside Vancouver! :)

  140. Sounds like a great way to spend time on a summer day & evening. Thank you.

  141. We go every year and would really love tickets to take my son.

  142. It would be great to visit PNE for the first time!

  143. It’ll be awesome to win!!

  144. Wes


  145. Im looking forward to good food and great music at the PNE again this year

  146. HR

    Looks fun!!!

  147. Here for a good time not a long time ;)

  148. ReI have been going to the one for over sixty years. Always enjoy

  149. Realways enjoy Hope I win.

  150. Would love to win!

  151. Would love to win for my 3kids (7yrs old, 4yrs old, and 6mo old baby) this could be our first PNE experience!

  152. PNE fun coming up!

  153. Amy

    I’d love to go with my family!

  154. Can’t wait! Yes!

  155. Ahh I love the PNE!!!

  156. Since I don’t work there anymore, I want this lol

  157. Would love to take my music loving daughter to a night at the fair. Would be a first to the PNE and a first concert. Nice way to reward my special girl as she works so hard to give to the homeless in our community.

  158. Would be sweet to win! Thanks for the opportunity!

  159. I always enjoy the PNE hope IWin

  160. I’d love to win it would be great fun

  161. This would be a cool day/evening out!

  162. Always look forward to those mini donuts and checking out the prize home!

  163. Remarks

    What an amazing experience would be to win tkts to PNE . The line up of concerts this year is probably the best ones I’ve seen in many years .

  164. Bev

    I would love to see Air Supply!! My favorite group as a teen!! Thanks for the chance to win this awesome giveaway!!

  165. So many fond memories as a kid, time to make some as an adult!

  166. Perfect night to take my busiest boyfriend out!!! Lol If I win, I swear I will drag him away from his laptop to be at PNE

  167. Haven’t been in years would love to go

  168. A must do this summer! My 7 year old would be so excited!

  169. I would love to win tickets I’m bring my son down for Dr appt and would love to take him to this

  170. I’d love to go!!

  171. I love the PNE! So much fun and would love to go!

  172. I would love to win. As always it would be a great time. My son and I have great memories here. Thanks.

  173. Hook me up with some tickets please!

  174. If I win I will go and have fun with my boyfriend ? i really want to win ?

  175. I would enjoy a pair of tickets.Thank you

  176. So much fun to be a kid again at the PNE

  177. I have always enjoyed going to the fair and it would be amazing to get the chance to receive tickets to go their again for the 2018 summer!

  178. Leaving Vancouver soon visiting and would love to experience this memorable event.

  179. Perfect for our upcoming trip to your wonderful city!!

  180. Kim

    It would be so nice to tell my BF on his Birthday, August 10th we won tickets to the PNE. We had our first date there <3

  181. It’s our family tradition to watch the Super dogs and have mini donuts!

  182. you gotta love the PNE!

  183. I would love to take my kids.

  184. I wanna go!

  185. A tradition

  186. A chance to win free tickets to the PNe? Who doesn’t love things that are free?! Of course I’d love to win free tickets!

  187. Visiting from NYC! Would love to go!

  188. We would love to go!!!!

  189. Love the PNE!

  190. Yay! Look forward to the PNE every year!

  191. Iv heard this place is a deffo must go to experience thanks for the oppertunity ti win tickets to do so good luck everyone

  192. It wouldn’t be summer if you don’t visit the PNE in Vancouver!
    It’s even better when you win the tickets! Thanks for this chance!

  193. I want to go!!!

  194. Sign me up!! :)

  195. This year’s summer concert lineup is amazing and we can’t wait to attend along with a couple bags of the Fair mini donuts! Thank you PNE!!

  196. Excited to hopefully see what all the fuss is about!

  197. Gosh, haven’t been in at least 20 years! I retired this year and was going to treat myself and my best friend! Would be awesome!

  198. Jo

    I would love to go!

  199. jan

    always a fun time

  200. PNE Rocks!! Can’t wait to go :) Thanks!

  201. Would love to attend the PNE have not been in over 20 years, and I just love all of the live music. Thank you

  202. Girls just wanna have fun, me and my three would love to go and I can show them some cool music that moms age listened too, yeah, better than your dang rap music…..and its good parenting to make sure you feed crap to them and get the sick on the rides, memories man!

  203. Mini donuts!!!!!

  204. Remarkswould love to win tickets for my daughter who lives in new westminister

  205. This would be ana amazing opportunity for some fabulous summer fun so close to home!

  206. An evening of 80’s music would certainly make my summer!

  207. Sunshine G

    We’d love to go!

  208. We are visiting from the UK as our daughter lives here and we would LOVE to take our 9 year-old grandson to the PNE

  209. Would love to win and see 80s night concert. Nothing beats 8ps music.

    • Oops…it should have said 80s music not 8ps.

  210. My favorite time of year!

  211. Haven’t been for a few years so would love to win! Good luck to everyone!

  212. I would love to take my friend who’s mom is dying from cancer.

  213. I have been going to the ONE for over 60 years. It’s always enjoyable. Hope I win

  214. It’s always great fun. The eveniing shows are to die for. Hope I win.

  215. hope to win Thank Youor the chance

  216. Hope i win recently moved to BC and would love to explore new place and the city. Fingers crossed

  217. would love to take the kids to the 80’s concert!
    Flock of Seagulls !!! now thats music

  218. take me to the fair

  219. Remarksi would love to win this for my daughter

  220. Jeff

    Good Luck all

  221. i would be thrilled to take my sons & boyfriend to the PNE this year 2018 for a family date out. My oldest son Sheldon was in the hospital for 3 weeks and is finally home and still has 2-8 weeks of antibiotics to go for his brain infection. He’s recovering well ?

  222. I would use the tickets to take my stepsons to the pne. One was at royal columbian for a week & transferred to children’s hospital for a brain infection he is stable and had a picc iv procedure done and is getting antibiotic treatment for 2-4 more weeks. I’d like them to feel like they can have a normal fun day. The camping trip and all outtings didn’t pan out. I’d like to surprise them & my girlfriend (their mom) shes been amazingly strong. Thank you for a chance.

  223. This is quite a wonderful chance for those who struggle.. I would love these have not been in a long time.

  224. Would love to go , I have not gone in a few years , would love to take my daughter whom I dont see much of as she is a young adult , we are in need of a mother and daughter day :)

  225. happiest place in van

  226. It isn’t summer without a visit to the PNE!!

  227. I would love love to go! Please pick me!!

  228. Kewl

  229. Love the PNE. We go every summer.

  230. Mmmmmm crickets

  231. Best Part Of Summer ? Thanks for theopportunity

  232. this would be amazing i was never at the fair in vancouver but heard such great things about it :)

  233. My first car was a plymouth cricket and it was a hopper! I’ll make sure to indulge in the sweet caramel candy apple if I am lucky enough to win the free PNE pass. The cricket culinary delight is a bit too cruchy for me and I’d much rather drive a cricket than eat one! Hope to see the PNE this year as a first time ticket winner. Thanks for opportunity to see the fair!

  234. Cherryl Vicente

    Remarks Love to watch never had an experience before.

    Thanks and good luck to me!