9 Essential Things to Pack for Spring in Vancouver

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The weather is warmer, the blossoms are out. But there’s always a chance of rain — Vancouver is, after all, in a rainforest. Every Vancouverite knows it’s important to have the essentials and we want you to be prepared, too! Here’s what you need to pack for a spring visit to Vancouver:


Embrace the rain that makes our city so green! Because it does rain a fair amount in the spring, an umbrella is obviously an essential accessory. A good travel-size umbrella will do you, but if you get caught short, most hotels have nice sturdy umbrellas for guests to borrow. If you’re not keen on carrying an umbrella, a good raincoat is your best bet.

Walking Shoes

Vancouver is a walking city all year round. Rain or shine, there always people strolling the Seawall or any of these other scenic walking routes. And it’s cherry blossom and magnolia tree season, so you know you’ll be walking around to get the perfect shot. Because there is that possibility of rain, a multipurpose shoe with a good rubber sole is the way to go.


While the season brings warmer daytime temperatures, it can be quite chilly before and after the sun goes down. Dressing in layers is the best way to go — thin sweaters, t-thirts, a light coat or packable rain shell. I’m particularly fond of light scarves as they are both stylish and practical.


Your sunnies are your best friend on a bright spring day. No one wants to be squinting in their vacation photos, and protecting your eyes is even more important! There are so many beautiful sights to pose in front of, so make sure your blossoms photo is on point!


While you’re walking around the city, you will 100% be taking pictures of all the beautiful blossoms; and if you’re like me, you’ll also be taking pictures of your food. (Vancouver’s restaurant scene is an Instagrammable foodie dream!) I know this seems like an obvious one, but I don’t want you to miss out on any photo ops! So, your smartphone and camera are a must.


Not only is a smartphone a great camera, it’s also become the way to figure out how to get somewhere, where to eat, etc. No need for a physical map (though Tourism Vancouver has those for you, just in case!) If you’re worried about roaming or using up your data, log on to Vancouver’s free wi-fi hotspots!

Top Tip: If you’ve forgotten anything, the McArthurGlen outlet mall near the airport or any of our shopping districts have got your back.

Something to Carry It All In

So you’ve got all the things you need for exploring around the city, and a good bag to put them in is obviously also needed. Again, waterproof or water-repellant are ideal, and will hold all your essentials and a bottle of water (because it’s important to stay hydrated all year long!) A great tote or backpack also make an excellent pillow for when you decide to take a quick nap in the sun!

Thirst Quencher

Exploring is a thirsty business, particularly as the weather warms. While the aforementioned water is always good, if you want some flavour, the city’s coffee shops have started serving iced coffees and teas, and you’ll  never go wrong with a juice or smoothie from The Juice Truck or Jugo Juice!

Compass Card

Aside from walking, Vancouver’s public transit options are the best way to get around. Fares are paid via Compass Card single fares or a loadable Compass card that can have day passes or stored fare. For how to get your Compass card, and for all fare info, click here. And when you get your card, here are some places absolutely worth taking transit to!

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