B.C. Overtakes Ontario as Film Production Numbers Reach $3.6 Billion

Courtesy FanGirl Quest.

Vancouver and Toronto have long-since battled over the title of “Hollywood North” – and now it looks like we have a winner.

In 2018, film and TV production in B.C. reached nearly $3.6 billion, according to the Canadian Media Producers Association. B.C.’s film production accounted for 40% of all film and TV production in Canada, while Ontario’s accounted for 32%.

B.C.’s booming film industry is supported by programming needs of streaming platforms like Netflix, whose new content this year includes See, The Haunting of Nancy Drew and To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before 2, among others.

Actors, producers, directors and other film industry members flock to Vancouver – the hub of B.C. film production – not only because of its close proximity to Los Angeles, attractive tax subsidies, and experience of local crews, but also because of the destination’s variety of off-screen attractions and activities. Notable names such as Howie Mandel, Jason James and Li Jun Li have shared their favourite Vancouver experiences here.

Visitors and locals alike can follow Vancouver’s on-screen magic IRL by checking out the self-guided itineraries here, which cover the gamut from Once Upon a Time to Fifty Shades of Grey to Superhero Favourites and beyond.

Learn more about Vancouver’s film scene here, and don’t forget to hashtag your Vancouver film adventures with #FilmedInVancouver so others can follow along!

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