Filming in Vancouver: BH90210, You Me Her, and TV series returning this summer

North Vancouver’s Jason Priestley will star in BH90210.

This week in what’s filming in Vancouver, two TV series get underway.

One is linked to a hit teen drama from the 1990s—but this version quite a different type of show than the one it’s based upon.

As that one gets going, so does another one featuring a three-way couple who are navigating the uncharted territory otherwise known as suburbia.

Plus, there’s a whole bunch of TV series, ranging from fantasy and comedy to ensemble dramas, coming back to shoot this summer.

So with all that in mind, here’s a quick overview of what’s happening in Vancouver’s screen scene.

You Me Her

The American-Canadian bisexual poly romcom You Me Her will enter into production on its final season—Season 5—today (May 21), with filming continuing until July 9.

Greg Poehler, Rachel Blanchard, and Victoria’s Priscilla Faia will return as the dynamic trio.

Priscilla Faia

The latest season premiered on April 9 and will have its season finale on June 11.

In Season 4, the threesome, or throuple, found themselves attempting trying to maintain their unconventional relationship—with someone new on the way—as they settled back into Portland’s suburban life.

Beverly Hills, 90210

Meanwhile, another TV series is also starting up today.

BH90210 starts shooting Season 1 today (May 21) and will continue until July 31.

Production will be based in North Vancouver—which happens to be where original series star Jason Priestley grew up.

Priestley is reuniting with his former castmates Jennie Garth, Ian Ziering, Gabrielle Carteris, Brian Austin Green, Tori Spelling, and Shannen Doherty from the high-school drama TV series Beverly Hills 90210 that ran for 10 seasons from 1990 to 2000.

There was also a spinoff series 90210 that ran for five seasons starting in 2008.

Jason Priestley

However, this new and rather unconventional series will be more of a mockumentary-style metafiction than an actual reboot—as it will follow the stars as they attempt to launch a reboot of the series.

The series is set to premiere on August 7 so we only have a few months left before we see how things turn out with this fiction-within-fiction series.

The Magicians

Speaking of summer, the forthcoming months promise a whole slew of TV series returning to the city for their latest seasons.

Here’s a quick look at who’s coming this way soon.

The fantasy series The Magicians will shoot Season 5 from June 10 to November 8.

Ensemble family drama A Million Little Things will film Season 2 from June 19 to February 19, 2020.

A Million Little Things

On the same day (June 19), medical drama The Good Doctor will begin principal photography for Season 3, and will continue until March 3, 2020.

Following that one, the Seattle-set recovery comedy Loudermilk will shoot Season 3 from July 2 to August 20.

Shortly thereafter, the UFO investigation drama Project Blue Book is slated to begin production on 10 episodes for Season 2 on July 15 and run until November 13.

Project Blue Book

Well with all those TV series coming this way, it looks like the upcoming season is certainly going to be a hectic one.

Which means, of course, we’ll have plenty more to report on. So until we meet next time, happy Vancouver-spotting on a screen near you.

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