Best of international dance films showcased at this year’s Cascadia Dance & Cinema Festival

Still from The Stop. Liudmila Komrakova, St. Petersburg, Russia.

The 4th annual Cascadia Dance & Cinema Festival features some of the year’s best films about dance. The short films are screening Aug. 25 and 29 at the Vancouver International Film Centre, aka Vancity Theatre at 1181 Seymour St.

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The films showcase a variety of dance styles. The festival kicks off on Sunday, Aug. 25 with a Welcome to Cascadia and Programmer panel and Dancinema Shorts Showcase. On Aug. 29, the festival closes with another panel, Dance, Entrepreneurship and Media, and the Dancinema Shorts Showcase. This year’s festival also includes workshops, forums, and more.

Still from Rumba in the Jungle—The Return. Rushlake Films – Sun City, South Africa.

Dancecineman founder/director Jen Ray says, “Growing up in Vancouver, it was very much a vibrant city for both film and dance, but these communities existed separately. Dancinema aims to connect these two communities through dance film screenings and education.” The Cascadia Dance & Cinema Festival is a chance “to take in and celebrate some of this year’s best dance films, as well as learn more from some of the filmmakers themselves.”

Check out the full schedule and ticket info visit Film clips and previews can be found at

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