[CLOSED] WIN TICKETS to Feast of Fields

Win 2 tickets to Feast of Fields, an alfresco day of entertainment and wandering gourmet buffet, complete with around 50 carefully curated food and drink stands.

Feast of Fields is FarmFolk CityFolk’s annual local food celebration and fundraiser, held each year on a different farm in the Okanagan Valley, in Metro Vancouver and on Southern Vancouver Island. The past 24 years have seen 58 Feasts – 24 in Metro Vancouver, 21 on Vancouver Island, 10 in the Okanagan, and 3 in the Sea to Sky corridor. Entering its 25th year, the Metro Vancouver edition will be held at a farm in Richmond for the first time.

Join us on September 8, 2019 from 1:00pm to 5:00pm at Rabbit River Farms in Richmond for this wandering gourmet harvest festival that highlights the connection between farmers and chefs, field and table, and between farm folks and city folks.  The delicious, one-day-only alfresco party will transform a bucolic section of the popular organic egg producer’s property into a wandering gourmet buffet, complete with around 50 carefully curated food and drink stands.

Event Details:
Date: September 8, 2019
Time: 1:00pm – 5:00pm
Location: Rabbit River Farms
Tickets: adults $99; youth aged 13 to 18 $45; children aged 6 to 12 $150. Click here to purchase tickets.


One lucky winner will win 2 tickets to Feast of Field at Rabbit River Farms in Richmond. To enter, submit a comment below.

We will select a random winner on Friday, August 30 and notify them by email.

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81 Responses to [CLOSED] WIN TICKETS to Feast of Fields

  1. Deb

    Sounds like a fun time! Good food in a great location!

  2. What an awesome way to spend the day! Sounds like a very neat experience – I just love grazing. Thanks for the chance to do so with a gal pal! Fingers crossed.

  3. I would love to win 2 tickets! That looks like a fabulous event!

  4. Remarks

    Meandering with Good Food, Good Wine, Good People, On a Beautiful Farm…Life Is Good….

  5. Ray

    This would be an excellent win

  6. I want to go to there.

  7. I love this event! It has been 7 years since I was at the last one…too long!

  8. Fingers crossed! This sounds like a sweeet event

  9. Yum! Looks like delicious fun. Would love to win tickets. cheers

  10. Sue

    Sounds like an amazing event!

  11. Deb

    Sounds like a fantastic event!

  12. This sounds amazing!

  13. Is the children 6-12 price a typo?

    Event Details:
    Date: September 8, 2019
    Time: 1:00pm – 5:00pm
    Location: Rabbit River Farms
    Tickets: adults $99; youth aged 13 to 18 $45; children aged 6 to 12 $150. Click here to purchase tickets.

  14. Amrita

    There is no love sincerer than the love . Would love to share my first love with my 2nd love of life

  15. My wife and I would love to go to an event like this! It would be great to win free tickets!

  16. Looks like an awesome event!

  17. Wow! Feast of Fields sound absolutely incredible! The food pics also look amazing. Would love to experience this! How lucky am I? ;)

  18. Sounds like fun times!

  19. Wow! I wish I knew about this event sooner! I’d love to have a mother daughter day and take my mom to this! She would be thrilled!

  20. What a fun way to spend my 65th Birthday ! Would love to see such a great event…

  21. Pick me! Pick me! Just moved to BC and would love to get tickets for free.

  22. This sounds amazing! I love that they are showcasing the connections between farmers and chefs. We need to show our local farmers more love!

  23. Wish you the best of luck on this Event . I sure would love to win . Thanks.

  24. This event sounds fantastic! It would be awesome to win!

  25. Kay

    Great event to support and showcase local food businesses!

  26. This sounds like an amazing event!

  27. Rachael

    Sounds like a great event!

  28. Bonnie

    Looking forward to attending!

  29. I would love to win 2 tickets for my daughter and her boyfriend who live in Van 🥰 I have visited twice this year & just ❤ the area.

  30. I love everything about Vancouver and I would like any reason to come back!!!!

  31. This looks like an amazing event and a great opportunity to sample from so many different places.

  32. Would love to win an afternoon at the Richmond farm. It sounds like a beautiful event.

  33. What a great way to celebrate Fall!

  34. Sounds like an amazing event! Would love to attend it!!

  35. That sounds like a lot of fun. Fingers crossed.

  36. This sounds amazing! I’d love to go!

  37. I’ve never been before, but sounds like fun.

  38. New to BC
    Trying to get to all the great events!

  39. This a a great event. Yummy food in an outdoor setting.

  40. Sounds amazing

  41. wen

    This will be great. Thanks!

  42. Remarks I’ve never been to this before. Would love to win tickets to see what it’s like. Sounds like a great time and I really need some good news

  43. Who wouldn’t love to win 2 tickets to such an event? ;)

  44. I live in Richmond… this would be amazing!

  45. I would love to attend this event.

  46. This sounds like a very cool event. I would love to win tickets. I love that you are showcasing local farmers. What a great idea. It’s important to support local farmers, chefs,businesses..etc. Keeping my fingers crossed!! 😁🤞

  47. Would love to attend this!

  48. Yum! Would love to go!

  49. MK

    What an excellent event! Fingers crossed that I win!

  50. What a fantastic event! I’ve never been there.

  51. Just moved to BC in April. I attended events like this is Ontario. They really showcase “local” and act as great introductions to the wonderful people and products we have available to us.

  52. Sounds like a great event

  53. Great Contest!

  54. Remarks
    Would be fabulous to be able to take my hubby there for his birthday! This looks like a most interesting event.

  55. My partner and I will be making the move from Fernie to Vancouver to discover city life and this would be an incredible way to experience Vancouver’s food scene, which already has us salivating!

    Not only that, it’s two days after my birthday.

    A huge fingers crossed!!

  56. Oh great ! A nice way to discover the riches of the city as a tourist.
    Fingers crossed :)

  57. Recently moved to Vancouver and I think this would be so nice to attend with my fiancée.

  58. Sounds like a fantastic event to end the summer!

  59. Perfect date for a foodie couple!

  60. I would love to win the tickets. Sounds like a fun event to go.

  61. Wow! This looks amazing!

  62. This would be AMAZING!!

  63. This is nice!

  64. Nothing better than fresh and home grown and then a chef to prepare this wonderful food, sounds just wonderful. Hope I win tickets.

  65. Amazing!

  66. Nom Nom Nom, this looks like so much fun! Would love to go!

  67. Would so love to win tickets, my fiance’s birthday is on September 6th and this would be a great way to celebrate. Keeping my fingers crossed. :)

  68. Wow I would love to go!

  69. I would love winning this Field of Feast event while visiting Vancouver during this exact time I will be there. It would be a memorable experience to take back home and share with my loved ones. 😊🇨🇦

  70. What a fabulous way to spend the day! Sounds like a great experience – I just love grazing. Thanks for the chance to do this with my guy.

  71. Justina

    This will be an amazing event! Food is the pleasure of life, let’s enjoy!!! Would love to win and bring a friend to share this experience with! 🥘🥘🥘

  72. Would be fun for the entire family

  73. Ana

    I’d love to go to this event! Sounds amazing!

  74. What an amazing idea! Fingers crossed that I win!

  75. I’d love to win tickets to this event!

  76. Ron

    Would love to surprise my wife with tickets to this event for her birthday!

  77. CKS

    Hope to be lucky enough to win these tickets! 😁✌️

  78. Wow this would be amazing!

  79. This foodie would LOVE to go!!

  80. Would love to treat my mom as I know she really wants to go😊

  81. Cin

    Sounds lovely!