“Where screams come true…” Fright Nights at Playland is back Friday, Oct 4th

fright nights at Playland

Image courtesy of PNE/Playland

It’s the carnival of horrors, back again for another spectacularly scary season at Playland starting on Friday, October 4th!

If you’re not afraid of the dark now, you will be after a visit to one of the creepy haunted houses with scenes that come straight from your nightmares.

If that’s not enough for you, experience the terror of being stalked by a chainsaw-wielding maniac or a creepy doll girl who won’t stop staring at you. Fright Nights at Playland is open on select nights from October 4th leading up to Halloween.

Each night features haunted houses, thrilling rides, and live performances that’ll scare your socks off!

For 2019, Fright Nights is open on weekends and select weekdays leading up to Halloween (and yes, it’s definitely open on Thursday, October 31). Gates open at 7pm and the fun keeps going late into the night. General Gate Admission provides access to all 8 Haunted Houses, night rides, and the Monsters of Schlock sideshow.

Image courtesy of PNE/Playland

Take a look at some of the fantastically frightening houses that are waiting for your screams:

The Bloodshed: This family of mutated murderers and sadistic aberrations feed on your fear, and your insides… Their wholesome foundation is built on the blood and bones of their victims. (more info)

Car-N-Evil: It’s the year of clowns with the success of IT, so what better way to spend an evening than with a bunch of them – waiting to show you a party trick! In this house, you may experience intense feelings of panic, terror or dread… Enjoy! (more info)

Asylum: Check into this hospital and you may check out with less body parts than you arrived with… that is, if you can get out! In this asylum, deranged doctors return from the dead to wreak havoc on unsuspecting patients. (more info)

Darkness: Witness the fate of those who dared to bargain with the Angel of Death. But be warned: within these walls lurk creatures born of pure evil, who exist only to torment and torture those who are lost in Darkness. (more info)

Fright Nights 2019 Quick Details

Dates: Fright Nights is open on select nights from October 4 until October 31 starting at 7pm. (full details)

Admission: $25 – $65 (save $$$ when you buy online)

Website: frightnights.ca

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