[CLOSED] WIN TICKETS to Cirque du Soleil Luzia: Escape to an Imaginary Mexico in Vancouver

Cirque du Soleil presents its delightfully-imaginative and visually-stunning production LUZIA, a waking dream of Mexico. With its dates of October 3 to December 15, 2019, audiences are invited to a redesigned white-and-gold Big Top at Concord Pacific Place to escape to an imaginary Mexico – a sumptuous world suspended somewhere between dreams and reality.

In a series of grand visual surprises and breathtaking acrobatic performances, LUZIA takes audiences on a surrealistic journey filled with wonders, playfulness and striking artistry. Smoothly passing from an old movie set to the ocean to a smoky dance hall or an arid desert, LUZIA cleverly brings to the stage multiple places, faces and sounds of Mexico taken from both tradition and modernity. Rich in awe-inspiring moments, LUZIA enchants by incorporating rain into acrobatic and artistic scenes – a first for a Cirque du Soleil touring production. Watch the trailer below!



One lucky winner will win 2 tickets to Cirque du Soleil Luzia in Vancouver on November 14, 2019.  To enter, submit a comment below.

Tickets are valid for the show on the evening of Thursday, November 14, 2019. This competition ends October 7, 2019 at 12pm (PST). We will select a random winner, and notify them by email by 5pm (PST) October 7, 2019.


Buy your tickets here and save up to $10 off* each ticket for any performance

For more information about the show please visit cirquedusoleil.com/luzia

*on selected categories only. Excluding VIP and Premium ticket categories. 

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264 Responses to [CLOSED] WIN TICKETS to Cirque du Soleil Luzia: Escape to an Imaginary Mexico in Vancouver

  1. Been waiting for this show, would love to win tickets!

  2. I haven’t been to a cirque under the big top for years… this one actually seems interesting to me.

  3. Hermes Da Costa Neto

    I really wanna win those tickets!

  4. Can’t wait for this show!

  5. Great prize!

  6. Viva la LUZIA!

  7. Excellent entertainment

  8. Kay

    Always a treat when le cirque is in town

  9. Me me me!

  10. This looks amazing!

  11. Always excited when Cirque comes to Van City 🎪 !

  12. Will take my daughter to this

  13. What a great prize!

  14. Dreaming about seeing my first magical Cirque du Soleil show in Vancouver <3

  15. Susheela

    I’ve never been & would LOVE to go! I would take my daughter :-)

  16. We love cirque du Soleil! Would love to win tickets!

  17. My fiancee would love to see the show. I’d love to surprise her!

  18. I would love to win tickets!

  19. Count me in. Love cirque shows.

  20. I’d love to take my mom toLuzia!

  21. It would be amazing to win the tickets I have heard many wonderful things about the show. Thanks for the opportunity to enter the contest.

  22. I am from the Philippines and will be visiting friends in Vancouver this October and when I heard about Cirque having a show at the same time I will be there, I got really excited! I’ve only seen one of their shows and that was in Macou a long time ago but I have always wanted to watch them again. It would really be a great treat to win those free tickets!

  23. The show looks fantastic. A great prize to win.

  24. Buu Chi Mach

    I really want to enjoy a Cirque du Soleil show before I graduate from college and leave Vancouver, so when i know Luzia is coming to town, I really want to go with my friend. I hope i could win these 2 tickets, so that my friend can experience this amazing show with me.

  25. These shows are always so amazing! Would love to go.

  26. Looks awesome.

  27. I ❤️ Cirque!

  28. Really looking forward to this show!

  29. I’d love to win tickets

  30. They are such amazing performers. Would love to see the show!

  31. The show looks fantastic!

  32. I always love Cirque, and would love to see this show!

  33. Exciting to see another Cirque show coming. I am looking forward to seeing what wonderful acts they come up with. Lov, love the makeup.

  34. Would love to win tickets to this Cirque show…..love the magical experience everytime I see one of their shows under the big top….and the Mexican theme has a great appeal!

  35. I haven’t seen Cirque for long. Would love to see!

  36. I would love to be able to go see Luzia! Cirque is always a masterpiece of art!

  37. That sounds amazing!

  38. Looks like this will be an amazing performance with a lot of care and imagination put into its production.

  39. Looking forward to the show!

  40. RemarksLooking forward to having Cirque du Soleil Luzia in Vancouver!!

  41. would love to see a Cirque show!

  42. Thank you for this opportunity to enjoy Cirque with my granddaughter!

  43. looks like a fun show to attend

  44. It would be so awesome to see this show!

  45. Love this company. Hope I get to see their show this year!

  46. What a great gift idea! Cirque du Soleil shows are always so impressive. Proud to be from Quebec :)

  47. Amazing show in an Amazing city.

  48. I have never seen them alive and I am very excited for the opportunity!

  49. Cirque Du Soleil shows are not to be missed!! An escape from everyday – I would love to win some tickets to this new show!! I remember seeing Luzia advertised in San Francisco about 3 years ago and I couldn’t go so this is my chance!! Thank you for coming to Vancouver!! <3

  50. Have not seen the fantastic Cirque De Soleil show for years now. This celebration of Mexico looks intriguing.

  51. I’m very bad at any raffle but I’m still entering because I would love to see something like this live!

  52. I’d love to see this show! Love Cirque performances!

  53. Would love to see the show!!!!

  54. Love Cirque! Fingers crossed!

  55. I would LOVE to see this show!!!

  56. Looks like a great show!

  57. Omg looks so good!

  58. Can’t wait for this show!!!

  59. Never seen Cirque before! Would love to see it!

  60. Faces places & sounds! This Cirque sound so unique! What an incredible experience it would be

  61. So proud we can call you our own. Always awe inspiring
    Keep up the amazing work. You are now performing to a new generation.
    Loved the movie Worlds Away. Is there another one in the making?

  62. Would love to go see this with the family !

  63. I Will love to go with my daughter! Thank you

  64. Would love to see it in person!

  65. Tim

    Ive been waiting the so long to see the Cirque come to Vancouver!

  66. Would love to take my mom!

  67. I have never been to a Cirque du Soleil performance but it looks magnificent and would make for the perfect date night! 🌞

  68. Would love to take my daughter to this show!

  69. I would like to win the tickets so I can take my girlfriend.. we went to cirque du soleil in Sydney.. it was amazing.. please pick me..😉

  70. I would love to win the tickets. I’ve been in Vancouver for 2 years now and I was so sad that I couldn’t go to the last Cirque du Soleil presentation here 😩 .
    I wish this year I can make it to go!

  71. Would be my first time! Please, pick me!!!!!

  72. This looks absolutely amazing! I would love to see this in person with my boyfriend!

  73. I never had the opportunity to see the cirque du Soleil and would love to take my wife!

  74. I am an exchange student studying abroad in Canada and would love the opportunity to see this Cirque de Soleil!

  75. Aluzia or reality… ❤️
    We love having you in Vancouver.

  76. Trailer looks amazing! Can’t wait to see the real thing.

  77. Luzia!!! 💕

  78. Looks amazing!

  79. I am from Mexico, living in Vancouver and I never be in the Cirque the Solei. I will love to see Luzia. 💕💕💕🇲🇽-🇨🇦

  80. I love Le cirque du soleil!! And my boyfriend has never seen one of their shows. It would be a wonderful moment here in Vancouver ❤️

  81. Please want to do some staycations but its so expensive to do anything

  82. Cirq is great, real life superhumans! Can’t wait for the show and what better way than free tickets?

  83. I always dreamed of wacthing your show but never got a chance but now, my family is already with me so hopefully we will going to see your show

  84. Sam

    This show looks amazing!

  85. Woohoo ~ Cirque opens tomorrow in our hood ! We’d love to see it 😘❤️👏🏼 !!!

  86. Looks amazing!

  87. RemarksWhat a great prize. would love to win it and go for my birthday.

  88. Beautiful I would love to win tickets – what a treat

  89. Oh I love cirque du soleil! Like everyone here, I’d love to win :)

  90. Tickets!!!!!!

  91. I would love to be able to take my wife there for her Birthday.

  92. I have never been to Cirque de Soleil! This would be an incredible experience, I know! Thanks for the chance to win tickets.

  93. I’ve never been to Cirque before, looks like an unreal show!

  94. Would love to win these tickets! Woohoo!

  95. such amazing performances

  96. Wow! I can’t believe they’ll be in Vancouver! Fingers crossed to win

  97. What the caterpillar calls death, The Butterfly calls life…🦋

  98. I’ve never actually seen a full authentic cirque duo Soleil show. Other than glimpses of it as part of other shows such as Michael Jackson one in Las Vegas and shows at the pne.
    I would be so thrilled to win tickets to this show.

  99. My husband and I, have been wanting to watch Cirque du Soleil for the longest time, but never got a chance to do it. Praying that we win and get to watch it here in Vancouver 😃

  100. I’ve never been to Cirque. It would be great to see this show.

  101. Never been to Cirque du Soleil but can only imagine how mind-blowingly beautiful it would be! Thank you for the chance to win this incredible experience 😍🎪

  102. Hi I am from Mexico and recently I moved to Vancouver I would love to see this kind of show that has been a dream for me with something of my culture on it!

  103. Pick me!!

  104. Cirque Luzia looks like a spectacular show!

  105. I would love to take my daughter to this, she is a true lover of circus, music and theatre. Fingers crossed!

  106. We never saw any Cirque du Soleil performance. This will be an awesome date and surprise for my girlfriend 😊

  107. Saw that with my family in Montreal once, it was awesome!
    Can’t wait to see the fatastic show with my hubby here in Vancouver, to celebrate our 6th anniversary lol.

  108. NEVER BEEN to Cirque ..Please me at this time.!!!

  109. The trailer is mesmerizing. The show would be a memorable experience!

  110. Love cirque and this would a perfect first anniversary gift. Please let it be me fingers and toes crossed

  111. I have never been and would love to go!

  112. wen

    This will be incredible.

  113. mik

    I would love to win tickets to this! Thanks for the chance to win.

  114. This would be so amazing to win. I would take my family to see it!

  115. Would love to win and see this show!

  116. This will be an opportunity of a lifetime. I am looking forward to be the winner of the ticket

  117. Looks fantastic! I love Cirque du Soleil! I would love to win tickets!

  118. Looking forward Le Cirque du Soleil show :-)

  119. My birthday the 13 of October and I would love to see this performance. It will be my first time and in Vancouver Canada. It would make it the best birthday ever!!!

  120. Cirque du Soleil is truly an escape from everyday chaos and stress. Would love to go !

  121. Remarks Would love to see this show as I have heard such amazing things about Cirque du Soleil. Thank you for the chance to win tickets, would love to take my family

  122. I’d love to win tickets for this show!

  123. Genial! Exciting! Adorable! Magic!
    Can’t wait to see this new with Mexican flavor and colors.
    Congratulationsfor your show, It looks amazing!

  124. Would love to see this show! I would love to escape to Mexico on a rainy Vancouver day :)

  125. Would love to go see the show!

  126. I really want these tickets.! Thanks

  127. Win, win win

  128. Gary Campbell

    I have never been to one

  129. Remarks it would be awesome to see this. I love cirque du Soleil.
    Thank you.

  130. Amy

    My mom has always wanted to go see a show like this. I would love the chance to take her!

  131. Grew up facinated by the magic of criques!

  132. Great contest! Fingers crossed !!

  133. Never been to a Cirque Du Soleil in Vancouver. Would love to go.

  134. Yes please!

  135. I’ve always wanted to gooo! Hope to win the tickets. Would be an awesome first time!!

  136. Would love to win and take my best friend!

  137. Jenny

    Watching for 20 years and still loving what these guys do!

  138. I’ve never been to a Cirque show. Yet! Winning these tickets will double my excitement.

  139. Would love to go!!

  140. Cirque du Soleil moi!

  141. This show looks amazing! Would love to see it. :)

  142. I would love very much to go to cique Soleil .
    Keeping my fingers crossed.

  143. Would absolutely love to win these tickets! Perfect birthday present for my best friend :)

  144. Have been sick and not able to work for 3 years. It will really be a nice treat if we win the tickets to see this wonderful and exciting show.

  145. I would love to win the tickets! I’ll be rooting for… me!!!

  146. I can’t wait for this show!

  147. Pam

    Would love to take my boyfriend on a date night. Please pick me. 😊 🎪

  148. Looks like an awesome show! 🎪

  149. I really wish I win these tickets :)

  150. Have not gone before. Would love to win tickets!

  151. Pick me please!

  152. Lisa

    Would love to take my boyfriend to his 1st Cirque!

  153. Yes, please and thank you

  154. Would love to see the show! Excited!
    Please and thank you 🙏🏻

  155. I looooove cirque du soleil
    It would be such an amazing experience to get to see these incredible athletes in real life 💗

  156. I’ve never been and would love this opportunity! 😀

  157. I would love to take my Dad who would really love to go! I would too of course… thanks for the opportunity

  158. Crazy night at the Cirque with Luzia

  159. Perfect for date night!

  160. I have never been able to attend a Cirque performance and would love to go. Thank yiu go a chance to win tickets! 😁

  161. I really want to wiiiiin

  162. It would be so good to finally win something! Hahaha

  163. my friend and I have tried to see cirque du soleil in a variety of places we’ve traveled but for one reason or another it hasn’t worked out.. would be amazing to treat her in our home city!

  164. Never been and would love to have some free tickets

  165. would love to take the husband he has never seen a cirque du Soleil

  166. Looks stunning!! Haven’t been to a Cirque Du Soleil show since I was a child. In fact, it’s a favorite childhood memory of mine – going with my grandparents and being sandwhich between them both, gripping each of their hands nearly the whole time. Would be incredible to see another Cirque show so many years later… with my now husband who has never experienced Cirque!

  167. I have never been to a Cirque du Soleil show and would love to opportunity to see this one :)

  168. Looks amazing, would love to go!

  169. Would love to win this amazing prize package…

  170. Have always loved them. They put artistry to a whole new level with each performance and performer

  171. Jen

    Wow! So inspiring…

  172. Thanks for the chance!

  173. Never been! :( Heard about the experience and how amazing it is. Would love to win this!

  174. Sounds very intriguing & exciting.

  175. Would love to go see the show! I’m excited about a Mexican themed show in Canada :)

  176. Remarks Never win anything but my name Lucia is so close to Luzia that maybe it’s the one!

  177. yes, would love to see Luzia

  178. Have just moved here with a friend and would love to win two tickets!

  179. Mexico is amazing and rich in colors and I’m proud Cirque du Solei want to share it with the world.

  180. I have never been. I would love this!

  181. I would love a chance to go with my boyfriend!

  182. RemarksA long drive to Vancouver but I would do it! I’d love to win those tickets!

  183. Would love to go to this show!!❤️

  184. It would be amazing to see this show, I’ve been watching them set up the tent for the last little bit!

  185. Would love to take my son to the show!

  186. Ada

    I love Cirque du Soleil! Would love to see Luzia :)

  187. Remarks – would love to win this for my parents… It will be their 57th wedding anniversary!!! 🙏💕🙏

  188. I hope we can see this one. Thanks!

  189. Would love to win tickets for this!

  190. I’d love to win tickets 🙂

  191. Love Cirque!

  192. Would be awesome to see a bit of my Mexico lindo y querido in Vancouver

  193. Would love these 😍

  194. Would love to see Luzia. Thanks for the opportunity!

  195. Would love to watch the cirque du soleil especially with a Mexico theme!

  196. Amazing page. Thank you for the tickets! 😊

  197. Love to win

  198. Looks like another amazing show put together by cirque du soleil! My first show was when I was 8 with my mom and I fell in love; always wanted to see another one with my mom. It’d be amazing to attend to this one with the tickets!!

  199. I’d take my wife! Amazing show, I’m sure!

  200. I’ve never been to a Cirque du Soleil show before! It was always my dream as a kid to be in the circus 😊

  201. I have been dreaming about this show night and day.
    My doctor says if I don’t win these tickets, I will have a stroke!!
    Please, give to me!!!!

  202. Thanks for the chance to win! 😊

  203. We been to cirque de soleil in Mexico in Puerto Vallarta last year and it was breathtaking…
    It would be amazing to be this year home in Vancouver for a show. We both love Mexico and it would be a perfect surprise for my partner.

  204. Remarksthis would be incredible to see live!

  205. Insidevancouver: I LOVE 💕 these photo’s. What a dream ☁️ it would be to win tickets and take my daughter 👧 to see the show! 🎪 Please pick me! 💃🏽

  206. This could be my first in Vancouver 😍😍😍

  207. Amazing talent! Would love to see this ❤️

  208. Amazing show!

  209. I just waiting for my tickets and then enjoy the show.

  210. Can you believe I have NEVER been to a Cirque show!!
    There have been so many I think it’s finally time I should go!
    Would be amazing if I won tickets!

  211. Remarks Have always wanted to go to a show.

  212. I had tried to go to a show once in glorida but it ended up raining so hard that they cancelled it 10 min in so i ould love to go

  213. So excited to see my country represented! Can’t wait!

  214. Charlotte

    What a fantastic opportunity to win the tickets, it looks like an amazing piece of art . I look forward to being able to see the show.

  215. Naga

    Never been to Cirque du Soleil – it looks amazing! Please give me the tickets!!

  216. I would love to see the show!!! I was born in Mexico City and this must be absolutely wonderful. I can tell it will be, once more, an amazing Cirque du Soleil’s show. Please pick me!!

  217. I’m half Mexican myself and would love to win tickets

  218. Rob

    Cirque always put on an amazing performance. Would be a treat to see this production

  219. Rachel

    How exciting! I would love to win tickets to Luzia!! 🙌 🇲🇽

  220. I hope I will be the lucky one! :)

  221. Oh to be transported back to the magical childhood world of the tent, trapeze artists with an exciting modern twist. Cirque de Soleil is on everyone’s bucket list!

  222. How very wonderful it would be to win tickets. Thanks for your generosity. I have fingers/toes etc crossed.

  223. Can’t wait to see this show!!
    Good luck to everyone

  224. Love Cirque and the fact we are so lucky that they come to Vancouver. Hope to see this show with my daughters

  225. Hae

    Would love to see the show

  226. Been going to cirque du solei shows since I was a kid. I would love this!!

  227. I just came back from Mexico City and would love to see the dream version 😊

  228. Mexico, magical realism and mastery. We’d love to experience Luzia together. My 2nd Cirque, his 1st!

  229. Would love to see this show! I love Cirque!

  230. This would be a fun night out.

  231. I would love to go with my girlfriend!

  232. Would absolutely love to win tickets to see Cirque😍

  233. Would love to win tickets for my wife’s 66 birthday

  234. Never been to Cirque du Soleil Luzia in Vancouver befoe! <3

  235. Nik

    We would love to see this breathtaking show of art, athleticism and design. Bring a student for the last three years has put a dent in our activities, and winning tix would be greatly appreciated! Best to the tour!

  236. Would love to see the spiraling acts!!!

  237. Would love to visit this magical show with great talent and skill.

  238. Would love to win this for my mom & myself! 🥰 yessss please!! 🙋🏻‍♀️

  239. I’d looooooooove to get tickets to see the Cirque du Soleil!!! :D

  240. Would love these!

  241. Looks incredible!

  242. I’ve only ever seen videos of the show.It would be a great experience to see one day live.Thanks

  243. Ren

    Love that the Cirque is in Vancouver! Would love to check this show out!

  244. Commenting to win!

  245. Would love to see Luzia!

  246. The show sounds amazing! Would love to win tickets! 😊

  247. Heather

    I would love to give these tix to my parents! Should be a great show!

  248. Would love to win a pair of tickets and gift it to my parents who are visiting us…

  249. karen aguilar

    mi novio de verdad quiere ir a ver este espectaculo y al ver esto mori de emocion ya que justo el 14 de noviembre es nuestro aniversario de 4 años seria un regalo perfecto!!! porfavoooor

  250. :) my boyfriend really want to go to this show and when i see this post I died for the emotion cause just 14 of november its our aniversary for 4 years together this can be the best gift!!! pleaseee

  251. I would love to go! Thanks for the opportunity 😊

  252. Would love to win!

  253. Would love to see this!

  254. I found this offer just in time,,,

    What a treat this would be to add to,our first visit to Vancouver!!

  255. I’ve seen one show in the past and would love to see a second. Thank you!

  256. Would love to see the show thanks for the chance

  257. Remarks Woud love to see this show!

  258. Always wanted to see Cirquw du Soleil. This looks like a great time to do it. Would be absolutely fantastic.

  259. I’ve never seen it. I’m sure it’s an amazing experience

  260. The show looks amazing! I would love to win the tickets.

  261. I would love to give these my parents for them to enjoy a memorable date night.

  262. Love to take my Wife out as we aware both big Cirque fans but never get to see them so this would be amazing.

  263. This would be fantastic to see! Thanks, Inside Vancouver!

  264. Would be friggin rad to see this show.