Lucy Guerin’s Split comes to Scotiabank Dance Centre

Two dancers, one naked, one clothed, perform Australian choreographer Lucy Guerin’s Split at Scotiabank Dance Centre Oct. 16 & 17. Photo: Gregory Lorenzutti

This month, Scotiabank Dance Centre presents a work by Australian choreographer Lucy Guerin. Split comes to the Dance Centre Oct. 16 & 17 as part of the Centre’s Global Connections Dance Series. In the piece, two female dancers—one clothed and one not—are framed by ever-diminishing dimensions of space and time with escalating intensity. Find out more below.

Lucy Guerin Inc. is an award-winning Australian dance company. For Split, Guerin enlisted the help of UK composer Scanner, who contributes a pulsing electronic score. The dancers are Ashley McLellan and Lilian Steiner

Split is meant to reflect “the dilemmas of negotiating with oneself and others in a world of increased pressure and reduced resources,” according to the media release.

The work has received numerous awards, and has toured to audience and critical acclaim in cities across Europe, North America and Asia.

Guerin is no stranger to Vancouver. Her piece Attractor, choreographed with Gideon Obarzanek, was a highlight of the 2019 PuSh International Performing Arts Festival.

Guerin formed the company in Melbourne in 2002. Renowned for the skill and originality of its small group of performers, the company “is dedicated to challenging and extending the art of contemporary dance.”

Lucy Guerin’s Split. 2 Photo: Gregory Lorenzutti

Lucy Guerin’s Split

When: Wed-Thurs Oct. 16-17, 2019 at 8 p.m. (post-show talkback Oct. 17)

Where: Scotiabank Dance Centre, 677 Davie Street, Vancouver

Tickets: $34/$25 students and seniors: 604-684-2787 and




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