ENTER TO WIN Four Tickets to National Geographic Live’s “Birds of Paradise”!

A red bird of paradise adult male performing a practice display.

In a few short weeks, you’ll have the opportunity to dive deep into the lush wilderness of New Guinea to meet 39 species of birds of paradise – one of the world’s most astonishing avian creatures, whose secret lives, bizarre displays and sultry courtship antics are explored at National Geographic Live’s “Birds of Paradise”, presented by Vancouver Civic Theatres.

Hosted by Tim Laman, an acclaimed photographer who has captured images of the world’s most rare and endangered birds, and Ed Scholes, who has conducted field research on birds of paradise for more than a decade, this fascinating affair features dazzling photography, video and compelling anecdotes that will immerse attendees in the rainforest home of these saucy birds.

A male blue bird of paradise perched in a fruiting tree.

“Birds of Paradise Revealed” takes place February 4 at the Orpheum Theatre, a perfect early Valentine’s Day experience for your sweetheart, bestie or favourite family member. The show begins at 7pm, and tickets start at $45. Leave a comment below letting us know who you would bring to the show, and you’ll be automatically entered to win four tickets!

For more information and to claim your seats, click here. You can also scoop up tickets to “Wild Seas, Secret Shores”, the next National Geographic Live event at the Orpheum Theatre, which investigates the mysterious creatures that lie beneath the seas; the show takes place on March 31, and stars longtime explorer and photographer Thomas Peschak, who has documented some of the most critical marine and island conservation stories of our time.

**Winner will be selected on January 23**

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52 Responses to ENTER TO WIN Four Tickets to National Geographic Live’s “Birds of Paradise”!

  1. Oh wow! This sounds amazing! My siblings and I grew up watching National Geographic on VHS. I would take my sister and her husband who are both avid birders.

  2. I would like to bring my family to this!

  3. I would bring my family

  4. i’d bring my family. My mom loves birds!

  5. I would bring my mom for sure and a few family members !! :)

  6. I would bring my boyfriend and a couple of friends as a nearly birthday gift for my boyfriend. He loves birds and loves National Geographic. It would be the perfect gift for him!

  7. I would bring my Family.

  8. I would love to share this experience with my boys!

  9. Kay

    I would love to bring my hubby. He loves wildlife!

  10. This would be such a great date night with my hubby! ☺️

  11. Id bring my mom and family, we love Nat Geo!

  12. I would bring my cats. They love birds almost as much as I do ;)

  13. I would love to bring my best friend and boyfriend David Leal 🥰!!!!

  14. I would bring my wife and friends

  15. Would be a great night out with friends from my health recovery community.

  16. I would take my parents. They are elderly and it would be a nice outing for them.

  17. I would bring my husband and friends!!!

  18. Remarks I would definitely take my Mom. She would love this.

  19. I would bring my husband. We both love works by the National Geographic. This would be an amazing experience.

  20. yan

    I led an expedition in the Upper Sepik area a while back and been sharing the stories with my little girls. Would be a great evening to take the entire family out… great memories are coming back ‘now….

  21. I will bring my family!

  22. I would bring my best friend!

  23. I would bring my sisters.

  24. I would bring my Nephew Dean and friends. We LOVE all birds and wildlife and fauna!

  25. i can bring all the family member

  26. Sam

    After reading the Feather Thief, I am intrigued with BOP. I would take my bird nerd friends.

  27. This would be such a visually beautiful film to watch.

  28. Definitely my daughter, plus 2 friends to share what looks like an amazing evening.

  29. I would bring my three teenagers!

    • Inside Vancouver

      Congratulations Athena, You’re our winner. Keep an eye on your inbox for an email from us!

  30. I would bring my wife and my sister with her husband

  31. I would love to bring my girlfriend to this!

  32. this would be fun to bring my sister!

  33. The birds look like pieces of art. I would love to have my best friend ( who likes to take pictures of birds) see this.

  34. I would like to bring my husband to this show.

  35. I would like to bring my husband with me. We are both nature lovers and I’ve always been fascinated on what lies beneath the seas. This would be an educational and wonderful date for both of us.

  36. I am fascinated with birds – from little sparrows , wrens and especially hummingbirds , to larger varieties in brilliant plumage and with wonderful voices and songs . I always carry my camera whenever I go out into nature and am ready to take photos of whatever I see – and enjoy local varieties such as herons , hawks , crows and eagles .
    I would love the opportunity to sttend a National Geographic presentation as I know it will be an outstanding event and put on by true professionals .

  37. lor

    I’d bring my wonderful bird-loving husband Gary.

  38. Cynthia

    I would bring my husband, we would love to see this show & other upcoming NatGeo shows too.

  39. I would love to bring my family to this show!

  40. I would like be to bring my amazing friend Inge, she is natural bird lover!

  41. This sounds very interesting – informative and I suspect very visually-pleasing! I would go with some girlfriends and make a night of it! Thanks for the chance!

  42. Our family of four will be going.

  43. My folks and daughter will be going with me. Thanks.

  44. Amber

    I’d bring my nature and bird loving daughters!

  45. Beautiful birds. My BFFs will go with me.

  46. It would be great to win those tickets and bring my 3 year old to such an event, I have been sharing my passion for animals since he was born, I would bring his best bud Fred, our adopted dog, but since he wouldn’t be allowed, We can bring mom instead!

  47. I would bring my nature loving partner and best friends. What an experience!

  48. This would be amazing to see. I would bring my boyfriend John and our two good friend Rey and David

  49. I would love to take my fiancée. We went to the Bloedel Conservatory last month and it was amazing. She’s a little scared of birds and I’m trying to show her they are not so scary! My good friend and his girlfriend would really enjoy attending this as well

  50. Friends that were obsessed with this doc

  51. I’d love to bring my wife and best friend of 31 years and family.