[CLOSED] WIN TICKETS to an exclusive Dim Sum Chinatown Tour

Win tickets to intimately explore Historical Chinatown (and its food) as part of an exclusive tour by Canadian Craft, only offered during Dine Out Vancouver Festival.

Dim Sum, which means ‘Point of the Heart’, lives up to its name in Vancouver. Originally a Cantonese family tradition (sometimes called Yum Cha (drink tea)), Dim Sum is often served in bamboo steamers with small, shared dishes. It has become a staple for foodies in the lower mainland, and all over the world.

On this tour, you’ll learn a little more about Historic Chinatown while walking from the Chinese Cultural Center to a couple of top Dim Sum restaurants for the tasting part of the tour. You’ll also get to try Chinese BBQ, and experience a Tea Ceremony.  

One lucky winner will win 2 tickets to the DOVF Dim Sum Chinatown Tour, taking place on Sunday, February 2. 

To Enter: Leave a comment below telling us your favourite tea.

**Tickets are valid for the tour taking place at 1pm on Sunday, February 2, 2020. This competition ends on Sunday, January 26, 11:59pm. A winner will be selected and contacted by 5pm Monday, January 27. Winner must be able to collect tickets from Downtown Vancouver location.**

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97 Responses to [CLOSED] WIN TICKETS to an exclusive Dim Sum Chinatown Tour

  1. My favourite tea is oolong

  2. Currently my favourite tea is Rooibus

  3. Mine is lemon & ginger!

  4. My favorite tea is Green tea

  5. My favourite tea is jasmine! Warms you up in the colder weather and it tastes good too!

  6. RemarksMy fave is green tea!

  7. Amy

    Green tea!

  8. My favourite is chrysanthemum tea.

  9. Oolong Tea

  10. Kay

    Our favourite is Jasmine Xian Yu!

  11. Jasmine

  12. I like Jasmine tea

  13. I like Pu’er tea

  14. Amy

    Jasmine – always with dim sum

  15. Love love love green tea love Dimsum more

  16. My favourite tea is mint!

  17. Green tea my fave☺️

  18. Wen

    My is matched.

  19. Wen

    I meant to say matcha

  20. Jasmine is the best!

  21. My favorite Tea is the next one.

  22. Remarks Jasmine Tea

  23. black green tea

  24. M

    Love green tea!

  25. Lemon with honey

  26. Green tea!

  27. Kay

    Peppermint tea!

  28. My favourite tea ia peppermint.

  29. Lapsong souchong

  30. My favorite tea is green tea!

  31. I like oolong tea !

  32. I love pu’er tea!

  33. My favorite is Lapsang Souchong tea!!

  34. Jasmine tea is my favourite!! 🥰😍

  35. My favorite is jasmine.

  36. Chi

    My favourite tea is any type of green tea, because of the bitter taste.

  37. My favorite tea is Green Tea.

  38. Oolong is where it’s at.

  39. My favourite tea is a mixture of Earl Grey and lemon. Yummy

  40. Market Spice Cinnamon Orange Tea – it’s sooo addictive!

  41. I’m a big fan of Green tea!

  42. My favourite tea, especially for Dim Sum is Pu’er tea

  43. My fav tea is Japanese sencha.

  44. Mine is lychee tea!

  45. My favorite tea is turmeric and lemon

  46. Oolong.

  47. Ray

    My favorite tea is either oolong tea or moroccan mint tea

  48. Green tea with lemon, decaf Earl Grey, lemon and ginger

  49. Earl Gray!

  50. Black tea.

  51. London fog!

  52. Green tea!

  53. Gunpowder Green!

  54. JP

    Milk tea with pearls

  55. My favourite tea is chrysanthemum tea. we drink it too when my wife and I have colds with honey!!

  56. Jungwoo Lee

    Bubble tea! Roasted milk tea!

  57. P


  58. My fav tea is Pu-erh

  59. Mine is 烏龍茶☺️☺️

  60. Remarks. I always have pu’er tea with chrysanthemums

  61. Jen

    Green tea 🍵

  62. Earl Grey!

  63. My favourite tea is Jasmine.

  64. My favourite tea is jasmine

  65. Oolong tea

  66. 🍵 green tea

  67. Earl Grey in the morning, jasmine on the afternoon, tumeric ginger at night

  68. Green Tea

  69. I love any tea with a lot of ice and some lemon
    Earl grey hot 😁

    • Inside Vancouver

      Congratulations Marianne, you’re our winner! We’ve sent you an email with details on how to collect your tickets.

  70. My favorite tea is Jasmin tea
    Love it

  71. Pandan tea!

  72. F


  73. Love Jasmine tea!!

  74. My favourite is Lychee tea. I tasted it in one Chinese restaurant and they actually are selling them. So bought some home.

  75. My favourite tea is Jasmine :)

  76. I like Oolong tea

  77. jan

    spicy chai

  78. Beijing Sunset Black Tea, which you can buy at Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Chinese Gardens

  79. Mine is oolong tea

  80. Kay

    My favourite tea is lush an tea king Taiwan tea.

  81. Koo

    My favourite tea is Jasmine Tea.

  82. My favourite tea is refreshing Peppermint

  83. My lovely tea is high mountain tea

  84. 秀眉茶,or ‘mee’ tea , go very well with dumplings and taro cake

  85. oolong

  86. Love oolong!

  87. Love puer tea

  88. Remarks Cream of Earl Grey

  89. Green tea

  90. jasmine tea.

  91. My favorite tea is green tea.

  92. green tea

  93. green tea.

  94. green tea

  95. Green tea

  96. Green tea