Filming in Vancouver: Peter Pan, TV pilots for Debris and La Brea, and more

A live-action feature film of Peter Pan will be coming ’round the moon when it comes…

After the mad flurry of comings and goings last week that was like a revolving door spinning as fast as a tornado, this week is relatively calm.

So we’ll take a look at some forthcoming projects that’ll be arriving in town in the weeks ahead.

That said, several of these projects are shrouded in mystery, with few details being released thus far.

There’s a classic never-ending-childhood tale being adapted into a live-action version.

Meanwhile, there are two TV pilots coming up. One is a drama sparked by sinkhole splitting up a family while another is about an investigation into why the wreckage of an alien spacecraft is having a strange effect on people.

Speaking of mysterious things landing from outer space, there’s a mysterious space TV series that will be shooting here.

So if all this uncertainty makes you curious, read on and find out what little we know.

Peter Pan

Coming in a few months, there’s a big-screen Disney production reportedly using the working title of Bonfire.

It’s a live-action family-friendly adaptation of J.M. Barrie’s classic novel about Peter Pan and three siblings who embark upon enchanted adventures to Neverland.

David Lowery

It’ll be directed by David Lowery (A Ghost Story) and will shoot from April 13 to August 14.

However, the cast and plot details haven’t been revealed yet so we’ll have to see who comes flying into town for this project.

Dean Israelite

Details for a new TV series going before the camera this week are also extremely limited.

Season 1 of what is being called Untitled Space Series will begin shooting on Wednesday (February 12) and will continue until April 9.

So far, what we do know is that it’s being directed by Dean Israelite (Power Rangers), who helmed the three-part Are You Afraid of the Dark? revival miniseries that shot here from June 10 to July 19 in 2019.

The project is for Nickelodeon and one name among the producers that moviegoers will recognize is filmmaker Ron Howard (Frost/Nixon).

But that’s about all the information that’s available about the series—there isn’t any information about the plot, cast, or release date yet.

So stay tuned and maybe we’ll have more on this show later on.

Ron Howard

Meanwhile, next month is TV pilot season when networks film first episodes of potential TV series that have to be approved before they get greenlit to go into full production.

Two pilots, both for NBC, have already been announced.

The sci-fi drama Debris, directed by Brad Anderson (The Call), will shoot from March 3 to 19.

This show will follow two scientists from different continents with different approaches who will have to work together to figure out why the remains of a destroyed UFO are having a mysterious effect upon human beings.

Brad Anderson

Following that will be La Brea, shooting from March 10 to 26.

In this drama, a sinkhole literally divides a family, as a mother and son are separated from a father and daughter.

When part of the family finds themselves in a strange primeval world, they have to work together with other strangers to survive, figure out where they are, and find a way back home.

The cast hasn’t been announced for either of these potential series yet so we’ll have to wait to see who these projects bring to town.

That all said, that still leaves a lot of details up in the air, doesn’t it?

But that also means that there’s lots to look forward to finding out about. Because who doesn’t love a mystery?

While we wait with bated breath for more information, have fun spotting Vancouver on a screen near you and see you next time for our rundown of what’s filming on the streets of Hollywood North.

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