Filming in Vancouver: The Mighty Ducks, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, A Million Little Things, and more

Kiernan Shipka stars in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

In this week’s roundup of what’s going on in Vancouver’s screen scene, we’ve got a new TV series starting up while two other series call it a wrap. And a horror movie is on the horizon.

So it seems it’s hockey night in Vancouver—a TV version of a ’90s sports comedy-drama franchise gets underway today.

Two TV series complete shooting all episodes for their second seasons.

But one is an ensemble drama about a circle of friends continuing on after the loss of one of them while the other is a supernatural horror about a teenager learning to develop her bewitching abilities.

Speaking of horror, something unnerving is about to creep this way in a few months and we’ve got a few details about that.

So to find out more about all of these things, see you after the jump.

The Mighty Ducks

So let’s start things off by getting on the ice—where everything seems to start in Canada.

The Mighty Ducks starts shooting 10 episodes for Season 1 today (February 18) and will continue until June 11.

This Disney Plus series, an adaptation of the movie franchise that began in 1992—is set in Minnesota where the Ducks have developed from being scrappy underdogs to a competitive youth hockey team.

Lauren Graham

But when 12-year-old Evan (Brady Noon) is cut from the team, he and his mom (Lauren Graham) start to assemble their own team of misfits to take on ultra-competitive culture of youth sports.

Emilio Estevez

Emilio Estevez, who starred in the movie franchise, is stepping back into his role as coach Gordon Bombay.

We’ll have to see who else will be among the cast—and who might return from the original films. (Could Vancouver-born Joshua Jackson make an appearance?)

A specific release date hasn’t been announced but it’s expected to premiere this year.

A Million Little Things

With that one starting up, there are two other TV series that are finishing up filming.

A Million Little Things started shooting Season 2 on June 19, 2019, with production based in Burnaby, and will call it a wrap on Wednesday (February 19).

Romany Malco

The cast of this ensemble drama includes David Giuntoli, Romany Malco, Christina Ochoa, Grace Park, Allison Miller, James Roday, Stéphanie Szostak, Christina Moses, Tristan Byon, Lizzy Greene, and Chance Hurstfield.

Allison Miller

Other recurring cast members include Chandler Riggs, Jason Ritter, and more.

Chandler Riggs

The show follows a group of friends who are shaken up after one of them commits suicide. As they cope with their loss, they realize that they need to start truly living their lives.

Tristan Byon

Season 2 premiered on September 26 and—after an almost two-month winter hiatus—is currently airing. The season finale is scheduled for March 26.

Kiernan Shipka

Later this week, another TV series will also complete its second season—but it’s a show of a very different kind.

Netflix’s Chilling Adventures of Sabrina will finish shooting 16 episodes for Season 2 on Saturday (February 22). The series started filming back on May 17, 2019, with production based in Langley.

Ross Lynch

Based on Archie Comics, the supernatural horror series revolves around Sabrina Spellman (Kiernan Shipka), a part-human and part-witch teenager who is receiving education in two very different realms: one from Baxter High School and the other in the dark arts connected to her family’s legacy, the Church of Night.

Chance Perdomo

The show also stars Ross Lynch, Lucy Davis, Chance Perdomo, Michelle Gomez, Jaz Sinclair, Tati Gabrielle, Adeline Rudolph, Richard Coyle, and Miranda Otto.

Tati Gabrielle

Recurring characters are portrayed by Sam Corlett, Skye Marshall, Jonathan Whitesell, Will Swenson, Vanessa Rubio, and Lucie Guest.

Season 2, which will be split into two parts (as Season 1 was), was released on January 24.

Skye Marshall

Speaking of the dark side, something wicked—in the best interpretation of that word—this way comes.

The horror feature Umma (the Korean word for mom) will be directed by Iris K. Shim (The House of Suh) and produced by Sam Raimi (Spider-Man trilogy).

Details are limited so far but Canadian star Sandra Oh (Killing Eve) has been cast in the lead role in this eerie tale of a single mother and her daughter who are haunted by the ghost of their estranged dead grandmother.

Sandra Oh

Principal photography has been scheduled to take place from April 6 to May 15, with production based in Burnaby. The rest of the cast is yet to be announced, as is the release date.

We’ll let you know if more details are revealed closer to the actual shoot.

And on that note, we’ll have plenty more to tell you next week and in the weeks to come so until next time, have fun spotting Vancouver on a screen near you!

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