Launch of Vancouver Food and Beverage Community Relief Fund

With Vancouver restaurants now closed for dining in and all bars/clubs shuttered entirely, establishments are financially suffering, many forced to lay off their employees.

While some government support is coming, workers’ immediate concerns still need to be addressed.

To respond to this dire situation, those in the industry have set up a charitable initiative and are appealing to the public for help.

The Vancouver Food and Beverage Community Relief Fund (VFBC Relief Fund) launched a few days ago and is coordinated by Puneet Kochar, Head of Finance at Tacofino, Taylor Chobotiuk, Head of People and Engagement at Tacofino, and Abdallah El Chami (Dallah), Chef/Partner of Superbaba food truck. The initiative will also involve considerable coordination with other members of the city’s food and beverage community, as well as the  bringing on of more individuals to help with oversight and logistics.

The fund is aimed at getting money to the hourly workers in the industry who have lost their jobs and are in desperate need of assistance to pay for basic requirements, like food, medications, rent, and looming bills. The money they receive will range from $25-$150. For many workers who are currently living close to the poverty line, these payouts will be a lifesaver. The critical nature of their situation is real.

Applicants are required to complete a form disclosing basic info, as well as how their funds will be used. The money will be distributed in the order in which applications are received, with one distribution per person. Currently, applications are closed since the requested amounts now total $18,000. The form will re-open once donations reach that amount. When this article was written, the gofundme was at $10,543, with a $25,000 goal.

As a result, organizers are making a plea to the public for donations to help restaurant and beverage workers facing dire financial shortfalls. These individuals have worked tirelessly to provide guests with exceptional service, food, drinks, and overall experiences; this is an opportunity to pay them back for their energy, hospitality, and talent!


The VFBC Relief Fund have also created a Slack Group so that members of the industry have a forum for coordination and discussion.

Donations can be made on-line via the VFBC Relief Fund website.


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