Return Trip: TransLink is Ready to Take You to Your #VancouverComeBack

Throughout the pandemic, as the city took a collective pause, TransLink never stopped moving, bringing essential workers to the frontlines, and getting folks to vital supplies. Now, as businesses reopen and welcome visitors from around Metro Vancouver and the rest of the province, TransLink is still there to move you, reliably and safely, and get you back to all of the fabulous dining, high adventure and family fun that Vancouver has to offer.

 To that end, TransLink has launched its Safe Operating Action Plan, affectionately, and it should be said, appropriately known as SOAP, a carefully designed program of amendments, tips for riders, and other measures to improve sanitation, promote physical distancing and avoid overcrowding where possible. Also beginning this week, for the safety of riders and workers alike, Translink has implemented a mandatory mask policy for all those who are able to wear one. So when you’re ready to venture out into the city again, grab your mask and hop on board a bus, SkyTrain or SeaBus knowing that your well-being is firmly in the driver’s seat. 

 Physical distancing is one of the biggest challenges of any transit system, and TransLink has made some modifications at stations and on vehicles to help everyone stay safe and respected. Fare gates at SkyTrain stations are now Exit or Entrance Only to help with flow, and SeaBus will run at half-capacity so everyone has a safe place to sit. On the busses, TransLink is asking that riders sit in designated seats when possible. As you wait for the next bus or train, standing on the ground decals provided will ensure you remain a safe two meters from your fellow passengers.

 As you’re out and about, you may notice a gang of brightly-vested troopers descend on a SkyTrain station armed with spray bottles and cloths. Don’t be alarmed, that’s just one of many TransLink “Cleaning Pit Crews” there to periodically disinfect high touch areas and trains during peak hours. They complement TransLink’s increased daily cleaning routines for all its vehicles, which includes a complete spray disinfection that will happen twice a week.

 To make sure that everyone is on board with the changes, TransLink has provided some handy Safety Tips for getting back to using transit now. They include:

  1. Remember Your Transit Etiquette: Stay home if you feel unwell, avoid touching your face and cough or sneeze into your elbow.


  1. Plan Your Trip: Use the Trip Planner to avoid travel during peak periods, and to allow for extra travel time as with restricted capacities, certain routes may fill up quicker than usual.


  1.   Don’t Forget Your Mask: For everyone’s safety please wear a face covering whenever possible while on transit. Non-medical masks, bandanas, scarves and cloth are all appropriate and appreciated!


  1.   Sanitize Your Hands: Additional hand sanitizers will be rolled out across the system to assist you in keeping safe before and after riding transit. 


  1.   Stay Up to Date: Sign up for Transit Alerts and follow Translink News on Twitter as TransLink’s response strategies continue to evolve.


Finally, remember to smile at your driver, and that a wave of thanks goes a long way as you step off the bus and onto your next adventure. Find vacation inspiration, itineraries, and special offers on hotels and attractions at  

Happy Exploring, BC! Enjoy the ride.


You can learn all about SOAP and read more Safety Tips at



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