Get Fried Chicken Takeout from These Vancouver Restaurants

Frying Pan fried chicken bites; Photo source: Tara Lee

We have reason to cheer in 2021 since fried chicken is experiencing quite the renaissance in Vancouver, with numerous new establishments adding to the diverse options already available.

From fried chicken joints that specialize in grab-and-go meals to higher-end restaurants that offer fried chicken takeout, there are tons of ways to feast on fried chicken at home.

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Photo source: Juke

The list of popular and well-known friend chicken restaurants in Vancouver is long and includes Juke Fried Chicken (182 Keefer Street) that does a really excellent crunchy, gluten-free take on fried chicken, and Win Win Chick-N (8197 Main Street) that has developed devotees for their Filipino-style flavours. The fried chicken there has delicate batter with nuanced spicing.

The Big Show Combo at Chicken World (entry for Vancouver Foodster’s Fried Chicken Challenge); Photo source: Tara Lee

Others swear by Hi Five Chicken (203 S.E. Marine Drive) and the recently opened Vancouver location of Chicken World (1181 Denman Street) that offers crispy and juicy halal fried chicken.

Here are others to keep you going on your hunt for fried chicken in the city. Takeout and delivery options are available for all establishments:

The American

One of DownLow Chicken’s sandos (The Cannibal Lecter); Photo source: Tara Lee

You can find the cult-loved DownLow Chicken Shack’s offerings at The American (926 Main Street), along with DownLow Burgers. Simply put: DownLow’s Nashville Hot Chicken is awesome, with insane flavour and super crunchy coating. The OG sando is a towering handheld, consisting of a fried chicken breast, bread and butter pickles, pickled red onion, and DL sauce. Or, order the pickle brined fried chicken tenders with fries and your choice of ranch, DL, or honey mustard sauce. Tenders can be spiced as you like them (the heat level can get scorching).

Frying Pan Kitchen & Bar

Chicken bites; Photo source: Tara Lee

The delicious options from the Frying Pan food truck can now also be found at their newly launched restaurant. Frying Pan Kitchen & Bar (60 West Cordova Street), located in Gastown, offers a uniquely hybrid Nashville/Korean take on fried chicken using local, free-run and medication-free chicken. The truck particularly came to fame for their towering chicken sandwiches, like the Double Decker, with two chicken thighs, one with soy and another with Korean yangnyeom sauce, topped with house mayo, lettuce, marble cheese, and pickles. Very addictive are their boneless chicken bites that come in flavours like honey garlic, soy, and spicy. You can also enjoy their fried chicken over rice, along with house teriyaki sauce, lettuce, red cabbage, stir-fried carrot and onion, and a sunny side up egg.

J&G Fried Chicken

Fried chicken wings; Photo source: Tara Lee

Originally launched in Taiwan in 1973, J&G Fried Chicken has expanded to encompass multiple countries around the world, including Malaysia, China, and now Canada. Their locations in the Lower Mainland (various locations) offer plenty of deep-fried delights, like squid balls and king oyster mushrooms. Their marination of their fried chicken is outstanding, leading to a very flavourful and juicy result, as evidenced in their signature crispy popcorn chicken, heart-shaped chicken cutlet, and their deep-fried chicken wings. The coating for their chicken is light, delicately crisp, and golden while keeping the interior meat tender.


Photo source: Mogu

Another food truck success story, Mogu now has a brick and mortar location (1012 Commercial Drive), which serves the same Japanese fried chicken that Vancouverites have come to adore, along with Japanese drink selections (e.g., beer, sake). Their takeout menu is extensive, featuring their boneless fried chicken in mini, regular, and jumbo sizes, with a choice between three sauces (original sweet chili, spicy gochujang sesame, and shio garlic lemon). The fried chicken also appears in other menu items, like atop a rice bowl and a salad bowl. Another fried chicken option is the crispy chicken miso katsu (panko crusted), which comes with salad or rice – or go for it with Mogu’s Japanese curry. Takeout packs make ordering easy, like the Couples Pack, which comes with fried chicken (regular size), your choice of sauce, and your choice of salad (Mogu salad, creamy potato salad, or curried macaroni salad).

Kokoro Tokyo Mazesoba

Photo source: Kokoro Tokyo Mazesoba

Another version of chicken karaage can be found at Kokoro Tokyo Mazesoba (various locations). The restaurant chain, which originates from Tokyo, is particularly known for their soupless ramen, which can be enjoyed with a variety of tapas, like deep fried gyoza, ebi mayo, and takoyaki. The chicken karaage comes in three forms: the classic featuring fried chicken thighs served with fresh greens; the kara karaage, with the fried chicken coated with kokoro spicy sauce and mixed seeds; and a version with fried chicken and fresh baby greens wrapped in a fluffy bao. All renditions are delicious.

Brass Fish Tavern & Kitchen

Photo source: Brass Fish

The Donnelly Group’s Brass Fish (385 Burrard Street) boasts not only gorgeous interiors but also a really well-crafted menu created in collaboration with celebrated chef Mike Robbins from AnnaLena. There’s plenty to like on the menu, including the fried chicken with sansho, pickled jalapeño, and buttermilk ranch sauce. The dish features a pleasing combo of crunch, heat, and creaminess from the dip. Similar flavours can be found in the crispy chicken sandwich, which also comes with cabbage slaw in addition to the other ingredients.

Chewies Steam & Oyster Bar

Photo source: Tara Lee

New Orleans cuisine reigns at Chewies (2201 West 1st Avenue; 1055 West Hastings St. location closed currently), which means the kitchen never stints on flavour. Chewies has perfected their fried chicken, which is wonderfully crisp and served on a bed of jalapeño cheese grits. The honey butter drizzled on top is a great sweet balancer to the dish. Their famous fried chicken can also be found on their brunch menu, served with fluffy house waffles, bacon jam, and of course, the honey butter.

Bells & Whistles

Korean fried chicken lettuce wraps; Photo source: Tara Lee

Now two locations strong, Bells & Whistles (4497 Dunbar Street; 3296 Fraser Street) has become synonymous with great burgers and craft beer selection. However, they also feature standout fried chicken selections, including some of the best wings in town. They’re butter marinated and come in three flavours: pineapple sriracha, buffalo, honey chipotle, and herb mustard. Each bite of the Korean fried chicken lettuce wraps with crispy noodles, pickled veg, and gojuchang are a flavour and texture explosion. Also recommended is the crispy (and juicy) chicken sandwich with lettuce, pickles, and black pepper mayo. Go for the fried chicken poutine if you’re feeling particularly indulgent. At the Dunbar location, it comes with curly fries, fried chicken bites, cheese curds, maple parmesan crunch, and chicken gravy. The brunch menu features buttermilk fried chicken with oat waffles, drizzled chili yogurt, and maple syrup.


Photo source: Pourhouse

Starting January 18, Pourhouse (162 Water Street) is unveiling a new burger-forward menu, with burgers like The Queen with a beef brisket and chuck patty, onion ring, peppered bacon, aged cheddar cheese, shredduce, tomato jam, and mayo. Excitingly, they’ll have fried chicken on the reimagined menu: buttermilk marinated fried chicken, house pickles, and honey mustard sauce.


Photo source: Nightingale

There is a certain perfection to Nightingale’s (1017 West Hastings Street) fried chicken, which owes its deliciousness to high quality ingredients, attentive ingredient pairing, and well honed execution. The menu has tons to tempt but the fried chicken is stellar, featuring juicy buttermilk fried chicken, with spiced maple syrup, pickles, and a dusting of sumac. Note: Nightingale is closed currently but anticipated to reopen January 19.

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